The Summer Residency program is held on Biola University's campus in La Mirada, Calif. each year. This two-week period is a time where students can experience direct contact with faculty members, featuring lectures, discussions, mentorship opportunities and evening seminars with prominent scholars.

Summer 2016

This year's Summer Residency took place June 14 - 28, 2016. See the topics discussed:

Christian Apologetics, M.A.

Track One:

  1. Ethics
  2. Why God Allows Evil
  3. Cultural Apologetics
  4. In Defense of the Resurrection
  5. Spiritual Formation & World Religions

Track Two:

  1. Scripture: Authority, Canon, and Criticism
  2. Essential Christian Doctrine I
  3. Essential Christian Doctrine II
  4. Philosophy of Religion/Scientific Apologetics
  5. Spiritual Formation & World Religions

Science and Religion, M.A.

Track One:

  1. Historical Perspectives in Science & Religion
  2. Darwin, Evolution, & Design
  3. Authority of Scriptural Traditions
  4. Metaphysics & Epistemology

Track Two:

  1. Christian Thought I
  2. Christian Thought II
  3. Modern Physics, Cosmology, & Design
  4. Philosophy & Theology of Science
  5. Intelligent Design Seminar
Christian Apologetics
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