Be Smart Online

General Hints to be Web Savvy

  • Limit the use of your full name. Use your first or last initial, a nickname, or a screen name.
  • Limit how freely you disclose your birthdate. It can be used in identity theft.
  • Never disclose your Social Security Number.
  • Take your city out of a personal profile, when possible.
  • Don't give out your phone number. When necessary, use email to initiate contact with people you don't know.
  • Be discerning! You have the right to check out anyone who contacts you by requesting written information, a call back number, and references. Feel free to take time and think over a decision before moving forward.
  • The Internet is a public space. Ponder before you post...
  • Each time you fill out a profile, comment on something, post a video, or text a picture of yourself to friends, you potentially reveal yourself to the world. What information do you want to give away about yourself?
  • Google yourself often. What do people find when searching for you online?
  • Consider updating the privacy levels of your social media accounts.
  • Make yourself a harder target by limiting what you share and where you share it.
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