Academics & Roehampton

Roehampton University

  • Located in Southwest London (45 minutes from Central London)
  • Four colleges:Digby Stuart, Southlands, Froebel, Whitelands
  • 10,000 students, representing over 140 nationalities
  • 1 mile from Richmond Park

Classes (Modules)

In British universities, students attend for 3 years with a declared “course” (major) and take the same classes as the other students in the course/major– similar to a cohort model of learning. Level 100 courses are similar to a freshman-level difficulty at Biola, 200 to sophomore/junior level and 300 to junior/senior level.


At Roehampton, final registration takes place for international students during international orientation. If there are any issues with your schedule (time-table), they can be resolved then. If you have any other questions, make sure to talk to Rhys.

Finalized Modules

When your modules are all finalized, e-mail the module numbers and Biola courses they count for to the the Biola London administrator (to be named). You will be reminded of this via email.


While coursework can vary, generally your learning will be more independent, with fewer evaluations/assignments (or “busywork”). Many courses have only one or two substantial papers due during the term. If you have questions regarding the assignments, meet with the professors [tutors] early and often for clarification.


Some of the books you will need for classes will be available in the library; others you may need to purchase or share with other students. You will be given a new e-mail address through Roehampton, allowing you to create a free trial for Amazon Prime UK and free shipping for a period of time. You can get your shipping address from your “flat rep” (like an RA) or the university mail services.



The grading scale in the UK is very different from that in most U.S. universities. Again, read your syllabi carefully and ask your tutors for clarification if needed. You will receive course grades as numbers on a 100-point scale. Below is how we will translate those numbers into letter grades for your Biola transcript. Because British universities have policies requiring your work to be graded two and sometimes three times by different readers, grades often do not arrive until March.

100-68: A

67-65: A-

64-62: B+

61-60: B

59-58: B-

57-56: C+

55-50: C

49-45: C-

44-40: D

39-0: F


Tuition & Payments

To attend Roehampton University through Biola’s London Semester, you simply pay tuition and room fees to Biola as you normally would.

PLEASE NOTE: Room fee rates are higher than you may normally pay for on-campus housing because they are based on a Biola single occupancy room — the only option at Roehampton.

All off-campus semester programs (not just Biola London) have two payment options. By August 15, 4 p.m. PST, you must either have paid 100% of your Authorized and Memoed that financial aid won't cover (Biola can't calculate aid that's not in one of these two statuses), or 50% of what their Authorized and Memoed financial aid won't cover plus $35 (for the payment plan setup fee.) You also need to have signed the Financial Responsibility Agreement.

For questions, please contact Biola Student Account Services at either or 562/903-4760.


Moving In and Out


Roehampton provides a free shuttle pick up on September 14 for international students. We recommend you arrive in London from the U.S. or from your travels on this day. You will receive more information during summer on reserving the shuttle service. If you use this shuttle, you will be directed to the Roehampton office to check in. If you come independently, report to the college reception where they will direct you to the correct location.


Follow the instructions given for cleaning your flat. Leave your linens folded on your bed. Place your key in an envelope with your flat number on it, and drop it off at the Security Office

International Orientation

From September 15–17, Roehampton welcomes its international students with orientation events. The last day is a photo scavenger hunt in the city which many students enjoy as it helps them get a little more accustomed to the city. You are not required to participate in any events, however most students find them helpful. Be aware that final registration takes place for international students during international orientation.

“Freshers" Week

From September 19–23, all incoming freshman have their orientation at Roehampton. For many events, a “fresher’s band” is required which can be purchased towards the end of the summer. Some students attend, others do not attend; some remain in London, and others travel for this week. It is all up to you! Ask alumni for advice.




You will be living in a “flat” (apartment) with single-occupancy bedrooms, shared bathrooms and a shared kitchen/dining room area. You will have your own room with heating, a bed, desk, chair, sink, wardrobe and ethernet cord. Some flats are co-ed; others are all female. Students are typically with one other Biola student. Fair warning that flats at Roehampton tend to be a very different environment than Biola dorms – ear plugs are recommended by some. Additionally, you will be responsible for supplying your own toilet paper, soap, etc.


Your flat has a kitchen and you will be cooking for yourself. You will get a kitchen pack with pots, pans, plates, bowls, silverware and a few other cooking utensils. While there are no meal plans through Roehampton, they have multiple cafes within the campus. “The Hive” is highly recommended by alumni. There are many grocery stores close by including Asda, Sainsbury, The Co-Op, and Waitrose. (If you use your own shopping bags, you’ll save 5 pence.)


Bed linens are provided at no charge including a bottom sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase and pillow. However, many students purchase other linens at Asda, as well as bath towels. You are responsible for doing your own laundry, for which there are facilities on campus.


Health and Insurance


For your semester abroad, you must be covered either by Biola-provided insurance or your home insurance. In addition, there is mandatory health insurance coverage for every Biola special programs student (currently provided by ACE Insurance Company) that provides coverage from the first day of your semester to the last (in December). Shortly before the first day of your semester, you will receive an email from Biola’s Registrar (Cyndi Hutchins) with instructions for acquiring the insurance. If you do get sick, you will call the number provided by ACE, who will then instruct you on the nearest health care provider. Payment for this insurance is processed when you pay your fees to Biola for the upcoming semester. ACE Insurance is effective only during the semester, not in foreign travels before or after the semester.

Current numbers for ACE are: 1-855-327-1414 toll-free; 1-630-694-9794 direct.


The British National Health Service advises all students who are starting university to have a vaccination against Meningitis before they begin their studies or during the first couple of weeks of the semester.

Whilst the MenACWY vaccination is optional and is not required in order to enter the country or to enroll at Roehampton, Roehampton University advises students to take these precautionary steps to protect your health against this rare disease. Please discuss this with your own doctor for his or her recommendations. Vaccinations may be advisable for travel to other countries, especially those outside western Europe. These too should be discussed with your doctor.

In the spring after you are selected to participate, you will be going to the Biola Health Center, among several other stops, in order to complete the Off-Campus Registration form, which will help you determine what vaccinations you may need.

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