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Roehampton Institute London is now known as Roehampton University, but for convenience will be referred to in this handbook simply as "Roehampton."

Roehampton is located just south of London. The University is a federation of four colleges on two campuses connected by a free shuttle-bus. All Biola students are housed at Southlands College or Digby Stuart on the main campus. Both campuses are located in beautiful parklands seven miles from the center of London with fairly easy access to international airports. Roehampton welcomes over 300 international students each year, to comprise a total student population of about 7,000. While each of the four colleges has roots in a Christian denomination, the education and environment is now decidedly secular. However, there is a strong Christian Union (similar to Inter-Varsity) on campus. Participating in the CU is a great way to meet Christian friends in England.

Accommodation is usually a single study bedroom with coed bathrooms and includes a maid. The maid cleans the rooms every week. Most halls are coed, but arrangements can be made if you would prefer a single-sex environment.

Biola students will be on the self-catering meal plan, which means that you buy your own groceries and prepare your meals as you desire in the kitchenette provided in your hall. Good and inexpensive grocery stores are Tesco, Asda Grocery or Sainsbury's in Putney. There is a Sunday shuttle from campus.

To apply to the Biola London Semester program at Roehampton, you must have junior or senior status at the time you attend Roehampton and must have achieved a 3.0 or better cumulative grade point average. The costs of the program should be comparable to Biola's tuition and accommodations. However, adjustments may need to be made because of the changes in Roehampton's charges. You will be notified immediately if there will be any change in your tuition and/or room fee.

The autumn term at Roehampton runs through the first week in February. Our program, however, ends in mid-to-late December. Grades may come late in the following Spring semester because the semester ends so late. If you think you might need to have your grades earlier than mid-April, please be sure to contact your individual Roehampton professors and ask them to send your grades as soon as possible. VERY IMPORTANT: If you need to qualify for a special program/sports team for the upcoming Spring semester at Biola, YOU MUST arrange for preliminary grades with each individual professor at Roehampton BEFORE LEAVING. Otherwise, your grades will arrive here much too late to qualify for your Spring sports/special events try-outs.

"Unseen papers" or finals evaluate some courses. Because you will not be there during examination time, make sure to make alternate arrangements with your professor at thebeginning of the semester. If you leave Roehampton without doing this, you will receive an incomplete or failing grade.


Contact Information and Resources

Dr. Todd Pickett
Director, Biola London Semester Program
(562) 944-0351 x5580
Home phone for emergencies:
(949) 515-8622

Biola London Semester Office
(562) 903-4768

Biola London Office Fax
(562) 906-4562
Attention: Mary DeJong

Roehampton's International Student Office

Biola London's Homepage


Note to the Reader

Please take into consideration that this handbook is a work in progress. As life changes from day to day, so does much of the information in this handbook. Please use the margins and the space at the bottom of this page to take notes throughout the year on things that you feel should be added to or amended in this handbook. This will greatly help the future Biola London participants, just as past Biola London participants have helped you. Thank you.

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