Advising Guidelines for MATH 318 Biostatistics


In the mid-2000’s some nursing students, who were required to take MATH 210 Introduction to Probability Statistics (lower division) were hearing from graduate programs that they needed to take an upper division statistics course to qualify for the program. The nursing department investigated and found out that 7 of 22 graduate nursing programs surveyed required an upper division course. Prior to MATH 318, Biola had no upper division entry-level statistics course that was not major specific. MATH 318 was created to fill this gap. It is NOT major specific and is open to all able students.


To provide an upper division entry-level statistics course to the Biola student that will satisfy the math/science requirement and may, therefore, be taken in replacement of MATH 210 --Introduction to Probability and Statistics -- there are no prerequisites.


Since it was prompted by the needs of the nursing department, it has been named Biostatistics and will be run with an emphasis on applications to the biological and health-related sciences. It is, however, a thoroughgoing introduction to statistics, with the requisite probabilistic background covered. It is designed for students with a stronger quantitative background than is required for MATH 210. It will cover the usual introductory statistical topics in descriptive and inferential statistics, including hypothesis testing with linear models (regression and ANOVA). In general, MATH 210 will emphasize more of a conceptual understanding of statistics whereas MATH 318 will emphasize the specific skills needed to both analyze and interpret data. MATH 318 will require, and provide instruction on the use of statistical software.


Nursing majors, biology majors, and other quantitatively oriented students who are considering taking MATH 210

For more specific questions, please contact the Professor, Jason Wilson or x 5145.

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