Christian Ministries: Preparing for Graduation

As you get closer to your senior year and graduation, keep these things in mind:

  1. With your advisor, project when you would like to graduate. Make sure that the required and elective classes will be offered when you need them. Some classes are only offered in the fall — usually ending in an odd number (e.g., CEED 415). Some are offered in the spring semester —  usually ending in an even number (e.g., CEED 242). Some are offered every semester—usually ending in a “0” (e.g., CEED 330). There are exceptions to this rule, however, so keep an eye on the schedule and check in with the department if you have questions.
  2. You should plan to complete all your final requirements at Biola during your final semester. If you need to transfer a course in during your final semester, there is a strict deadline for this so check with your graduation counselor in advance.
  3. Students are required to submit a Graduation Petition approximately one year before graduating or when the student has reached 88 credits. Submitting a petition during the graduating semester can incur a $200 fee. Graduation petitions help ensure that the appropriate courses are taken during the final year so graduation may take place on schedule. You should complete the graduation petition with your advisor and then obtain the department chair’s signature before submitting it to the Registrar’s Office.
  4. You must have a minimum of 120 credits to graduate and meet all the requirements specified in the catalog.
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