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Thank you for your interest in applying for a student leadership position within the Department of Commuter Life. We love serving Biola's 1,400+ commuter community and are glad that you would like to join us! We have two different teams that we create each year.

Commuter Advisors

(Paid Position + Leadership Development)

Commuter Advisors (CA) support and serve undergraduate commuter students by providing a connection through events, assisting in the development of the commuter students, gaining knowledge about the current commuter students through research, collaborating with commuter senators, developing the Collegium community, and overseeing general Collegium functions.

An ideal candidate will be passionate about service and empowering people, is hospitable, proactive and dependable. They have a love for Christ that builds up the community and invites others into it. We need team members who are responsible, have integrity and serve diligently with humility and respect.

Visit the CA page for details

Collegium Staff

(Volunteer Position + Free Collegium Membership + Leadership Development)

Collegium Staff (CS) need excellent customer service skills and the ability to listen well and serve as resources for peers who often function in the role of peer counselor and advisor. This position is a low commitment role and is maxed at 3 hours a week.

Visit the CS page for details

Digital Info Session

To learn more, visit Commuter Life Info Session and read the speaker notes

Hiring Considerations

We want to give you a little peek into the many and varied factors that go into this prayerful decision-making process — because we not only look at hiring from an individual perspective (i.e. your work experience and resume) but from a global/team perspective.


We look for a balance of personalities on our team. It is important that our team includes individuals who are global thinkers, who take into consideration the big picture, as well as thinkers who are acutely attuned to specific detail. We strive for a balance of introverts and extroverts, looking for individuals who get their energy from being around lots of people as well as individuals who get their energy primarily from one-on-one conversations and behind the scenes support-type work. We need “let’s get it done now” people as well as those who tend to like to carefully consider all the angles before moving into action. A balanced team helps us to function more productively and serve our community more comprehensively.

Team Selection

As we consider balancing personalities, we also consider that the overall team needs to be based on our department's vision, mission and goals. We ask how teachable and willing each individual is to learn and grow in the community in their position. We are also considering team culture add and chemistry, thinking through how members will work together as a team in pursuit of the department's goals. Will they complement one another? Will this team dynamic create a positive and productive experience for both the team and the community? We envision these positions as learning roles, cultivating leadership capacity by inviting commuter students who align with our values to to connect all commuters with community, information and resources so that they can thrive at Biola. 

Supervisor Dynamics

As with any administrator or supervisor, it is important that our team also works well with our own unique personalities and work styles as leaders. Please know that this is a reality of any job position for which you may apply. If you are not hired, this in no way reflects a lack of appreciation for you or your unique skills, God-given talents and gifting. We have previously foregone hiring certain students that we know quite well and who we remain close with to this day because we want people in positions that are a good fit for them — where they will excel.

Skills / Job Responsibilities

Sometimes we're looking for a graphic designer. Sometimes we are looking for someone who is excellent with organization and admin. Other times we're looking for event planners and community-builders. The needs vary each year.

Diverse Cultural Background

Because we serve a diverse community, we're also interested in hiring a group of people that reflect the greater Body of Christ and who can bring perspectives from many life experiences and cultural backgrounds. We can't always do this perfectly, because we're also trying to balance all the other factors (as mentioned above and below) but it is a consideration that's in the forefront of our minds.

Work Experience / Skill Level

What do you bring to the team? What do you bring from past jobs, work experiences, volunteer experiences, leadership positions, etc.? What new ideas could you potentially infuse into our community and programs? What behind-the-scenes support can you offer?

Experience with Commuter Life

It varies! 

  1. Sometimes we hire within the community. Having someone who knows and loves Commuter Life, who 'gets' the needs of commuters from their personal experience and who understands how things generally within Commuter Life is very valuable to us! 
  2. However, other times we hire someone who has never volunteered as a Collegium Staff (CS) but has been a part of the community. They may fit the skill-set we're specifically looking for (ex: graphic design!).
  3. And, at other times, we're specifically looking to bring new perspectives and gifts to our team and community — to infuse it with new life and enthusiasm — so we look to hire someone who has never been a part of Commuter Life.

Each is extremely valuable in their own way, and we often look for a balance of this as we make team decisions.

Your Schedule and Our Community Needs

Unlike some other student-leadership positions on campus, hiring for the Commuter Advisor and Collegium Staff positions must also take into account your availability for Collegium shifts and staff meetings (weekly meetings, as well as our All-Staff Meetings, held once a month on Fridays from 3:30–5:30 p.m.). We need the front desk of the Collegium staffed at all times, making this a priority over many other factors. Sometimes we have to turn away qualified applicants because they don’t have adequate availability. (Please be super accurate when filling out your availability, taking into account school, work and ministry schedules/obligations — and let us know right away if anything changes. Thank you!)

Staff Training

In Commuter Life all staff are required to attend the All Staff training prior to the start of the semester. Please review the second page of the Staff Digital Info Session to see what day staff training is on. This will be an all-day event. In addition, all staff are required to complete an online Canvas training course that will be given out once a person is hired to the staff team. This online training must be completed prior to the first in-person staff training day. Commuter Advisors will have additional training days and requirements to fill due to additional role responsibilities. 

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