Connecting to the Biola Network

Internet and Network Service

Network service is provided for users to assist in the academic, educational, and research purposes of Biola University. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and affiliates of Biola University are granted temporary access to this service while attending, employed by or visiting the university.

  • Wired: Connect using the Ethernet jacks in dorms, classrooms, and other workspaces on campus.
  • Wireless: Connect using the Biola-NetID or Biola-Guest wireless networks.

Network Usage Policy

The Network Usage Policy is a guide to the acceptable use of Biola's networks. It addresses issues involved in the use of Biola’s wired and wireless networks for transfer of information within the internal network and out to the Internet.

What devices can I use on the network?

Network devices are permitted based on their compliance with the Network Usage Policy. Most devices are permitted on Biola’s network, e.g., computers, smart phones, and game consoles. Some devices are not permitted, e.g., routers, switches, hubs, and wireless access points.

Learn more about connecting a device that does not have a web browser on the Register Other Technology on the Network page or by contacting Information Technology.

Internet Content Filtering and Security

Biola’s Internet service is a finite resource and is shared by the entire Biola community. Traffic shaping policies are configured to ensure that individuals do not monopolize the campus Internet connection. Website content filtering is installed to restrict access to inappropriate content and limit the use of peer-to-peer file sharing software.

Learn more about what content is filtered and how to request a change to the content filter on the Network Shaping and Filtering page or by contacting Information Technology.

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