Degree Audit FAQs

General Audit Questions

What if I think I’ve completed a transfer class but I don’t see it checked off?

The following are the reasons a class might not be checked off:

  • We might not have your official transcript yet
  • It might be in General Electives.
  • The grade was a “C-” or below.
  • The class was vocational/technical/remedial.
  • The credit total earned in the course was less than the required credit total at Biola (may still meet the Core Curriculum requirement)

NOTE: If none of these reasons apply, please contact the Advising Center.

What are General Electives?

All undergraduate students at Biola must graduate with a minimum of 120 credits total (some majors require more than this credit total). Depending upon the total major credits required, you may need general electives to reach 120 credits. In this case, classes not listed in your major, Core (GE) or Bible block requirements will list in this section. Students in Catalogs prior to 2017-2018 are required to complete a minimum of 130 credits total.

It’s possible however, that these courses should be listed in your major or Core Curriculum requirements. See the next question for what might be happening.

I took a class I thought fulfilled major or Core Curriculum, but it’s listed in General Electives. What do I do?

A few things might be happening:

  • You transferred the class and you may need to complete a Transfer Petition Form.
  • Degree Audit for your catalog year does not reflect a new course offered by your department. You can check with your advisor to see if you can substitute the class for the new requirement.
  • You took an incorrect class for your emphasis or catalog year.
  • You took a lower division class (100- or 200-level) but needed an upper division class (300- or 400-level).

NOTE: In all of these cases, you must work with your academic department and/or the Advising Center.

What do I need to know about the “Advisor” listed on my Degree Audit?

You have been or will be assigned an advisor in your major (or in the Advising Center if you are undecided). You should plan to meet with your advisor each semester to discuss course planning, your academic program, vocation and calling, research opportunities, internships, and more. More information is here

There's a missing block on my audit, what should I do?

  • Please check that your Major, Degree, Concentration, and Catalog year are correct. It's possible that the major or concentration is not valid for the Catalog year that you are under.
  • See the current Undergraduate or Graduate Curriculum Codes to see if your curriculum information is valid: For older Catalogs, please see and click on Archives.
  • Please contact the Registrar’s Office to have this updated to the correct information. You may need to fill out a Major or Minor or Catalog change form.
  • If it is correct, then please let us know by emailing

Why is a class showing up as 0 credits and in the Not Counted section of the audit?

Degree Audit must have a record of all classes that can be repeated for credit. If it doesn't know that a class can be repeated for credit, then it will automatically count that class only once. If the class that you took can be repeated for credit, please let us know by emailing

Why is a class in Insufficient?

If a class is failed or withdrawn, it will go into Insufficient. Classes in Insufficient may or may not count towards the GPA depending if it was retaken for a better grade. See Repeated Classes Policy for more information.

How to I get a class to also apply to my minor (or double major or double degree)?

Please email and we can make that adjustment for you.

Undergrad Questions

I’m a transfer student. Do I need First Year Seminar?

You don’t need First Year Seminar if you have 12 or more transferable units (not including IB, AP, CLEP, or dual credit). Please contact the Advising Center if it is not checked off.

My foreign language requirement doesn’t look accurate. Why might this be?

A few things might be happening:

  • We might not have your final official high school transcript. Please have it mailed from the high school to Biola.
  • You might be bilingual (See the Modern Languages department).
  • You might need to take a placement test (See the Modern Languages department).
  • The amount of foreign language you completed in high school might be recorded incorrectly (see the Registrar’s Office).
  • You may have taken the wrong level of foreign language (i.e. you needed Spanish 201, but took Spanish 100).
  • You are a Bible major and therefore are required to take Greek or Hebrew.
  • You are taking a different language than what you took in high school.

NOTE: If any of this information is unclear, feel free to contact the Advising Center.

I entered Biola at age 21 or over. I heard I don’t need P.E. Why does my Degree Audit still show those credits as required?

You’re right! You don’t need P.E. Your P.E. requirement will be waived once you have finished registering and the term begins. Email if the semester has started and it is still unchecked.

I completed the IGETC, but I still see Core Curriculum requirements that are not checked off. Why might this be happening?

    A few things might be happening here:

    • The Registrar’s Office has not yet received your full IGETC certification or a transcript listing the IGETC as completed; partial IGETC certification is not acceptable.
    • You still have Core Requirements you must complete for your selected major (ex: Communication Studies majors must take COMM 200 for their Core Curriculum requirement)
    • Foreign language is not waived by IGETC. You must still complete the required foreign language.

Why is BBEC 101 in the Not Counted section?

BBEC 101 is a lower division Bible transfer course. It will no longer count towards the undergraduate Bible requirement. It will only count towards graduation for Bible and Christian Ministry students. If you would like this class to count towards your Bible Requirement, you may fill out a Transfer Petition Form. However, using BBEC 101 to fulfill your Bible Requirement will disqualify you from receiving a Bible minor.

What are the BBEC classes?

BBEC 101 and 301 are Biblical Studies transfer courses from other universities. BBEC 101 is a lower division course while BBEC 301 represents an upper division course.

Exceptions (Substitutions or Waivers)

I would like to substitute a class on my Degree Audit for another course. What should I do?

Please fill out a Biola Course Substitution Request for this substitution. We need a Substitution Request form for record keeping purposes. Once you have filled out a Substitution Request and it has been approved by your department and the Registrar’s Office, then the change will be made to your Degree Audit. Once we receive the Substitution Request, it may take 3 to 5 business days to be completed. Please email if you have any questions.

Why is the Substitution Request or Waiver that used to be on audit not showing anymore?

Exceptions (waivers or substitutions) may not apply anymore if there is a change in your major, minor, concentration, or Catalog. If you would like the exception to be reapplied, please email

Why is there a substitution for a Biola class that I have not taken?

If a substitution request was submitted for this class that is planned for future terms, we will make the substitution even if the class has not been taken yet. If you no longer plan on taking this class, then please let us know so that the substitution can be removed. Please email if you have any questions.


Why does the audit say “MAJOR block was not found but is required”?

This can occur if the major selected is not valid for the Catalog year selected. Please check the Catalog for your Catalog year to make sure this is a valid selection.It’s also possible that the major selected requires a Concentration to be selected. Hit the "Back" button at the top of the form and make your selection with a Concentration for the selected major.

Why does the audit say “SCHOOL block was not found but is required”?

Most likely the combination of items selected does not match to a program. For instance, if the Doctoral level was selected for a major that is a Bachelor’s degree. Hit the "Back" button and remake your selection.

Why does it say “Status=3701 No requirement blocks were found for this student. Check the student’s catalog years and other degree information”?

  • The combination of values selected did not produce a Degree Audit. You can use the “Selected What-If Items:” drop down to see what your selection is. It could be the invalid combination of Level, Degree, Catalog Year, Major or Concentration was selected.
  • Please take a look at the Current Undergraduate or Graduate Curriculum Codes to see if your selection is valid: For older Catalogs, please see and click on Archives.
  • Hit the "Back" button and remake your selection.

Where is the Minor that I selected on the audit?

It’s possible that the Minor selected is not active for the Catalog selected. Please check the Minor codes.

How come I can’t select future Catalogs?

Future Catalogs can be selected once the Catalog requirements has been finalized and published and entered into Degree Audit. This is normally completed by the Spring before the Catalog takes effect in the Fall term.

How do I save the What-If audit that is generated?

After making your selections, hit the "Save as PDF" button rather than the "Process What-if" button.

I don't see my Substitution or Waiver on What-if. What do I do?

Due to the program changes on a What-If audit, Substitutions and Waivers may not apply to a new program and therefore do not show on an What-If audit. Once you change your major, minor, concentration, or Catalog Year, your Substitution or Waiver will need to be reevaluated and manually applied to your new program if they are still applicable.

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