Food Allergies & Special Diets

During the Undergraduate Housing application process, students acknowledge that those living in a Residence Hall are expected and required to purchase a meal plan of minimum size and value. The minimum meal plan obligation for Residence Hall occupants is the 10 meals per week plan. In recognition that some students have unique medical situations that impact their nutritional needs, the office of Dining Services offers the following Special Diet Accommodation Program:

Students with medically-based dietary restrictions are eligible to participate in our Special Diet Program. This allows students to fulfill their meal plan obligation AND have their meals prepared by our on-site culinary team without a major disruption to their academic schedule and at no additional cost.

Ensuring Safe Food Preparation

We understand that care must be taken at all stages of the food preparation and delivery process.We have adapted our kitchen practices so that menus for participating students are prepared on a separate clean restricted area to avoid cross contamination with trigger ingredients.

Medically Necessary vs Lifestyle Choices

In contrast to students with diagnosed medical conditions, food allergies, and food sensitivities, some students voluntarily choose to adopt a more restrictive dietary lifestyle. Voluntary non-medically necessary diets are not grounds for exception to the minimum meal plan obligation. However, Bon Appetit does aim to provide a wide variety of entrees at every meal. Collaboration and direct feedback with the Executive Chef and culinary team are encouraged so that food offerings serve the greatest number of community members.

How do I request a Special Diet Accommodation?

Step 1: Establish Eligibility

Enrollment in the Special Diet Program begins with contacting the Learning Center. Students shall provide the medical rationale and supporting documentation for their dietary restrictions. E-mail to get started.

Step 2: Consultation with Bon Appetit

Participating students should schedule an appointment with the Executive Chef or Bon Appetit General Manager. This session shall include an overview of cafe amenities generally available to all diners, the ins and out of the Special Diet program, and consultation regarding personal dietary restrictions. This consultation will help determine whether the student can manage their dietary needs with the standard cafe offerings or if circumstances necessitate special handling by food service personnel. If appropriate, the student will be referred to the Catering Office for individualized meal preparation of medically-based personalized menus.

To book your consultation e-mail General Manager Steve Rall or Executive Chef Mohamed Boussaksou

Extreme Cases

In the event that the culinary team determines they are unable to safely meet a student's dietary needs, the Bon Appetit General Manager will make a recommendation to the Senior Director of Financial Planning and Operations for suitable alternate dining arrangements. Resolution may include a non-refundable dining plan buy-out fee if the student is unable to fulfill the minimum meal plan requirement for residence hall students.

Residence hall students are not exempted from the meal plan requirement due to allergies or health issues unless necessitated as a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and as approved in advance by the Director of Auxiliary Services and the Director of the Learning Center.

Food Allergy Warning: All campus dining venues handle and prepare egg, milk, wheat, shellfish, fish, soy, peanut, tree nut products, and other potential allergens. Before placing an order, inform the server if you or a person in your party has a food allergy. Be aware that certain potential allergens may be present in self-serve situations. Any questions may be directed to the manager of the food service facility.

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