Final Exam Week Schedule

Please read this information before using the Final Exam Week Schedule to determine the day and time for your classes.

Final Exam Week Info/Policies

  • Final Exam times and locations are posted mid-semester on your class schedule on my.Biola:
    • Go to "Student" tab
    • Go to the "Student Tools" channel (3rd column)
    • Click on "Student Schedule (concise)"
    • The final day.time should appear beneath the course information for each of your classes. If it says TBA, you will need to check your syllabus or ask your instructor.
  • If you see any discrepancies between the schedule listed here and the time listed on my.Biola, please contact the Office of the Registrar to verify your meeting time. If a student has a conflict between two finals, one of the professors should allow an alternative final exam time to be scheduled for that student.
  • Finals should not be offered before the last week of the semester, and classes should plan to meet whether or not a final exam will be offered.
    All undergraduate classes of two or more credits are scheduled for two-hour final exams during the last week of the semester. One-credit courses should meet during the first hour of the two-hour exam period. The two-hour meeting time for finals week is part of the required in-class meeting hours for the semester; if the professor does not desire a final exam, the meeting time should be used for a regular class session.
  • If your class does not fall into one of the university's standard time slots (listed in the boxes below), do not try to apply the below schedule to your class; a final exam time will be determined for you by the Office of the Registrar Course Scheduling Team.

Exceptions to the Final Exam Week Schedule

  • Graduate-level classes do not follow the final exam schedule but instead meet at their regularly scheduled time.
  • When a graduate-level class is cross-listed with an undergraduate-level class, if the majority of the students are graduates, the class will meet at its regularly scheduled time. If the majority of students are undergraduates, the class should use the Final Exam Week Schedule.
  • The Art, Kinesiology and Music departments will apply the schedule below to the courses taught in their own facilities, which they schedule on their own.
  • Labs, discussion sections, and First Year Seminar courses will not be scheduled for exams, and should not meet for class sessions during finals week.

Final Exam Times

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