Advertising, Posting and Solicitation

Advertising & Selling On Campus

The Office of the Dean will not allow the posting or distribution of any materials that are contrary, in appearance or content, to the Doctrinal Statement and Standards of the University. The decision of the Dean, or his/her designee, on these issues will be final.

In addition, the following agencies, organizations, or persons will not be allowed to advertise or solicit on the

Biola campus through any means:

• day care services,

• credit card companies (except for those offered by banks during Orientation Week),

• political groups or organizations not sponsored by a Biola department or recognized Biola student group or club,

• religious or other groups not in accord with the mission, purpose, and doctrinal statement of the


• housing/rental opportunities: Due to potential liability risks, Biola does not allow any direct soliciting of off-campus housing by homeowners, landlords, managers, etc. Rental opportunities may be registered with the Off Campus Housing Services website (

Solicitation/Selling On Campus

To ensure the safety and privacy of all residents, solicitors (including students) are not permitted to canvass or market any product on campus without prior approval from the Director of Auxiliary Services, which controls all commercial sales on campus. Solicitors are never allowed into Residence facilities, including apartment complexes.

Items sold as part of fundraising for Biola departments or registered student clubs or organizations are allowed, as long as University protocols are followed (see “Fundraising Projects”). However, food sales as fundraisers are limited: health department regulations require that food sales either be pre-packaged or sold by a registered, approved food vendor.

Additionally, students may not operate multi-level marketing/business, selling merchandise or soliciting subscriptions/services (i.e. Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef…) anywhere on university property.

Political Advertising

For additional information on political/partisan soliciting and posting, please see the Political Activity policy.

Posting Policy: Who May Post

For posting purposes, advertisers are divided into either commercial or non-commercial categories:

a) Commercial ventures may only advertise in the Chimes, on Biola radio and/or in the Biolan, at the discretion of those organizations. This includes banks, restaurants and coffeehouses, theaters or other entertainment establishments, housing rentals and merchants. Such for-profit endeavors may not post material on campus.

b) Non-commercial ventures may advertise through campus flyers and posters. This includes Biola club, hall, or team sponsored functions; University based/sponsored events; churches; government sponsored events; faculty/staff/student-club sponsored political groups and organizations; and charitable organizations.

Approval Process

All flyer/poster(s) must be submitted to the Office of The Dean 24 hours in advance of desired posting date(s). Each copy of the flyer/poster(s) must be stamped with both an “Approved” stamp and an expiration date before posting. Any flyer/poster(s) found posted without official approval will be removed and discarded. Only official Biola departmental postings are exempt from this requirement.

One copy of the poster will be retained by the Office of The Dean, along with the name and phone number of the person/agency posting. A maximum of 50 copies of any one flyer may be posted; a maximum of 5 posters (larger than 24” x 36”) may be posted; a maximum of 6 placards (posters staked into the ground) may be posted (see "Placard Policy" below).


All flyers/posters/etc. shall be displayed no longer than 14 days or until the date of the event being advertised, whichever comes first. It is the responsibility of the person or organization posting to remove the material(s) before the expiration date or two days after the event, whichever comes first. The posting mechanism (tacks/pushpins/tape/stakes, etc.) must also be removed. Organizations that do not remove their signs by the deadline will be subject to disciplinary process, including paying restitution to Facilities Services for the cost of sign removal.

Materials Used

Poster putty or duct tape/packing tape/shipping tape are not to be used. Use tacks/pushpins and/or masking tape only, which may be purchased at the University Bookstore. Organizations causing damage to University property, facilities, equipment, furnishings, or landscaping will be billed for repairs and/or repainting. Additional information regarding placards (posters staked into the ground) is below (see "Placard Policy").

Placard Policy

Placards (laminated signs mounted to stakes and inserted in the ground) may be posted only in the 6 approved posting areas around campus. See the "placard posting map" [bottom of this section] for these locations.

Only one placard per group or event may be posted in each approved posting area. The placard must be inserted into the ground within 1 foot from the adjacent sidewalk containing the "APPROVED POSTING AREA" sign. Placards must not protrude into sidewalks or be higher than 36" off the ground at their top edge.

Placards placed in areas other than the approved posting areas will be removed by university staff. Additional placards for the same group/event will be removed by university staff. Placards that are not laminated will be removed by university staff.

Posting Locations

Posting of flyers/posters is allowed on bulletin boards or other designated areas. Posting is not permitted in restrooms, on windows, glass, pillars, light or sign poles, bollards, signage, and/or on the outside of buildings. For safety reasons, posting horizontally on sidewalks, roads or other walking surfaces is not allowed.

Bell Tower - No posting is allowed.

Bookstore - No posting is allowed.

Café - Cafe management must approve posting of materials inside the dining hall. The Dean may approve posting in the lobby but “No Posting” areas must be observed.

Chase Gymnasium - No posting is allowed.

Crowell Hall - See Music Department secretary for additional approval, ext. 4892. Limited posting.

Rose Hall - Posting is allowed on the bulletin boards located on the two pillars outside the front door. Metzger - Bulletin boards are located near the stairwell, ground floor.

Myers & Feinberg Halls - Posting must be approved in advance and stamped "Approved" by the Talbot

receptionist, ext. 5500. Posting on official bulletin boards only. No materials of any kind may be posted on interior or exterior walls or windows.

Residence Halls - Resident Directors must approve location of posting (see below). Rosemead Office - See dean of administration for approval.

On Directional or Street Signs - No posting is allowed.

Student Services - See secretary for additional approval. Limited posting.

Student Union Building (SUB) – Approval from the Office of Associated Students required for posting on or in the SUB.

Sutherland Hall - Bulletin boards are located on exterior pillars. Interior bulletin boards are for official department postings only.

Exceptions to these restrictions must be approved in advance by the Office of The Dean.

Posting in Residence Halls

Posting is allowed in Residence Halls with the permission and oversight of the Resident Director, with the following instructions:

Adhesives: postings may be hung only by poster putty, masking tape, or painter’s tape.

Locations: postings may not be hung on fire doors or building entrance/exit doors.


Chalking on sidewalks is permitted under limited circumstances, and is subject to removal at the discretion of the Director of Student Communications, Office of The Dean:

Media: Only ‘sidewalk chalk’ or other temporary, washable chalk may be used.

Grounds: Only cement sidewalks may be chalked. Blacktop or pavers may not be chalked.

Locations: Only exterior sidewalks in ‘residential’ and ‘recreational’ areas may be chalked, such as areas around residence halls or near the SUB. Sidewalks surrounding academic or administrative buildings are not eligible. Interior surfaces are never to be chalked.

Removal: Correctly applied chalking will either wear off or be removed after a few days during regular maintenance by Biola staff. If chalking is incorrectly applied, the student(s) or organization involved will bear the responsibility and cost of having the chalk removed.

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