Greek Challenge Exam (BLGR 101 & 102)

This challenge exam is designed for those who have a firm grasp of elementary Greek grammar (also known as first-year Greek) as a result of prior learning (e.g. taking a rigorous New Testament Greek sequence of courses in high school or in an online program such as those by Zondervan, BibleMesh and others), but were not able to transfer that work to Biola. Informal, personal study normally will not adequately prepare one to pass this exam. There is one exam that covers all of first-year Greek (i.e., BLGR 101 (3 credits) and BLGR 102 (3 credits)). Challenge exams have fees; see the Financial Information section in the Academic Catalog for details.

Successful performance must be attained in order for the student to receive credit for the challenge exam. It is possible for a student to perform well enough to get credit for both BLGR 101 and BLGR 102 (6 credits), but some students will get credit for only BLGR 101 (3 credits) and be required to take BLGR 102 (3 credits). Grades for the challenge exam are recorded on a credit or no credit basis only. Because successful completion of first-year Greek is a prerequisite for second-year Greek, the challenge exam must be taken in the summer before the student wishes to enter the second-year Greek sequence beginning in the fall term. No re-takes are permitted. Contact the department for more information or to request permission to take the challenge exam.

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August 16, 2018
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