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Welcome to Housing Selection 2018-19 for Current Students!

To learn about Biola Housing Selection, click on these REQUIRED Steps:

1. Attend Info Session/Hall & Apt Overview

2. Apply

3. Roommate Match

4. Select Room/Apartment

Bonus: Housing Selection Infographic

Other helpful resources:

-Housing Selection Feedback (we value your opinion!)

-MyHousing Self-Service

-Housing Rates & Room Types 2018-19

-Residence Hall websites (floor plans are on the bottom of this page)

-Request to Commute (current students)

-Biola Campus Map

-Housing Handbook 2018-19

-Follow us on Twitter @biolahousing for live updates during Room Selections

-Email undergrad.housing@biola.edu or call (562)903-6000 ext.5838 for support

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Housing Selection Important Dates:

  • Feb 20-Mar 20: Fall '18 Housing Application is open for Continuing Students
  • Deadline for Apartment Applicants is Mar 8 to Apply & Roommate Match!
  • Feb 20-Mar 20: Roommate Matching is open for Continuing Students
  • Mar 8: Residence Hall Info Sessions, 4pm-5pm OR 5pm-6pm, Mayers Auditorium
  • Mar 12: Apartment Raffle Results Emailed to Apartment Applicants
  • Mar 13: Apartment Selection for those guaranteed Apartments
  • Mar 22: Same Hall Room Selection (Male)
  • Mar 23: Same Hall Room Selection (Female)
  • Mar 26: Any Hall Room Selection (Female & Male)
  • Mar 27: Individual Bed Selection, Late Housing Application Opens (Female & Male)

Where You Can Live

Biola Residence Requirement

Full-time students 19 years old or younger by the first day of Fall classes (September 4, 2018) are required either to live in Biola Housing or to commute from their parents'/guardians' home.

If you are planning to commute from your parents' or guardians' home OR need to request an exception to live off-campus for another reason, please submit a Request to Commute Google Form by March 19, 2018.

If you will be age 20+ by the first day of Fall classes (September 4, 2018), you are automatically approved to live off-campus, if you want. You do NOT need to submit the Request to Commute form.

Biola Residence Halls

Any unmarried undergraduate student is eligible to live in Alpha, Blackstone, Hart, Hope, Horton, Sigma, or Stewart Halls. Thompson Hall is reserved for students age 20+ by the first day of Fall classes. Thompson Hall is a Residence Hall and does not have apartments.

Students age 20+ by the first day of Fall classes get priority in selecting a room during Same & Any Hall Selection Processes.

During Same Hall Selection, priority is given to current residents of these Halls, who may bring in roommates who live in other Halls, Apartments, or off-campus.

Some rooms on each floor of each building will be reserved for Incoming Students and will not be available to select.

Please note: We announced in the Housing Selection Info Sessions that we are NOT planning to have Designated Triple rooms available during Housing Selection, only the large Permanent Triple rooms in Hope and Horton. Please plan accordingly.

Biola Apartments

Students who will be age 20+ by the first day of Fall classes (September 4, 2018) are eligible to select one of the Biola Apartments. All students in your roommate group must meet this criteria to be eligible for a Biola Apartment.

The Biola Apartments include: The Block: Beachcomber, Lido Mirada, La Mirada, Tropicana, and Tradewinds; The Bluff: Li and Welch. (Thompson Hall does not have any apartments.) The Biola Apartments are considered on-campus living (for Financial Aid purposes) since they are managed by Biola, even though some buildings are located physically off-campus.

Students whose birthday is close to September 4, 2018 during Housing Selection may contact the Housing Office in person to ask about requesting an exception or fill out the Exception to Live in Biola Apartments Request Google Form and submit by March 6, 2018.

Google Forms:

1. For students whose 20th birthday is near September 4, 1998, and would like to request an exception to live in the Biola Apartments: Exception to Live in Biola Apartments Request Google Form

2. For students under the age of 20 who plan to commute from a parent/guardian home or need to request to live off campus for any other reason: Request to Commute Google Form


Housing Contract & Cancellation

You are contracted for Housing for the full academic year (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019) when you or your matched roommate select a bed/room/apartment during any of the lotteries. All the terms of the Housing Contract and Housing Handbook are in effect.


Before selecting a room/apartment, review all the cancellation details, especially the fees. Cancellation fees are two months' rent, plus daily charges and deposit forfeiture.


Floor Plans

Floor Plans for the Residence Halls and Apartments are available below. Use these to help you plan by identifying:

  • Available rooms you and your roommates are interested in selecting during the corresponding Selection process
  • Apartment types and sizes in each Apartment building

Please remember that we set aside rooms on each Residence Hall floor for Incoming Students. These rooms have been determined after gathering feedback from your RA staff to identify the most desirable rooms for Continuing Students.

Biola Residence Halls

Alpha Hall East Info & West Info East Floor Plans & West Floor Plans
Blackstone Hall Info Floor Plans
Hart Hall Info Floor Plans
Hope Hall North Info & South Info North Floor Plans & South Floor Plans
Horton Hall North Info & South Info North Floor Plans & South Floor Plans
Sigma Hall Info Floor Plans
Stewart Hall Info Floor Plans
Thompson Hall Info Floor Plans

Biola Apartments

Floor Plans indicate Female (F) and Male (M) apartments (RC apartments are assigned to Resident Coordinator staff).

Beachcomber Info Floor Plans
La Mirada Info Floor Plans
Li Info Floor Plans
Lido Info Floor Plans
Tradewind Info Floor Plans
Tropicana Info Floor Plans
Welch Info Floor Plans

In the Biola Apartments there are approximately:

  • 28 two-person apartments
  • 21 three-person apartments
  • 68 four-person apartments
  • 2 five-person apartments
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