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Step 3: Roommate Matching

Matching Dates

For the Biola Apartments

Roommate Matching for the Apartments must be complete by Thursday, March 8th. Your roommates MUST have completed the Housing Application and MUST be Apartment Eligible!

For the Biola Residence Halls

Wednesday, March 1 - Monday March 26 (though we recommend you are roommate matched by Wednesday, March 21st!)

You technically can modify your roommate group at any time before you select a room.


Overview Tutorial Video

Check out this Roommate Match Tutorial Video to learn how to Roommate Match Online:


You Need Matched Roommate(s)

Roommate matching is like making a social media "friend request." You send a request, then your friend accepts the request.

To be eligible to participate in the Apartment/Room Selection phase, you must be matched online with one or more roommates. You also must be "fully matched" in the Housing system with your roommates (see instructions below).

Only FULLY MATCHED roommate groups can select a room*

*If you have not matched with a roommate, you can select an individual bed for yourself during the Individual Bed Selection Process.


Help Finding a Roommate

If you're having trouble finding a roommate, here are some resources to try:

  • Join the Biola Roommate Finder group on Facebook. Interact with other students in the group, and when you've found a roommate, leave the group so that other students aren't contacting you when you've already found a roommate.
  • Talk to your friends, classmates, suite-mates, and floor-mates to see if they know of anyone looking for a roommate.
  • Check out your Hall's Facebook page for students in your Hall posting about looking for roommates.
  • You can post an ad to the Biola Classifieds seeking a roommate.

If you cannot find a roommate to match with for Housing Selection, you will NOT be able to select rooms in the Apartments, Same Hall, or Any Hall Selection Processes, since you must be able to fill a room (meaning you need one roommate to fill a double room, for example). We recommend that you find a roommate so that you have as many options to pursue as possible.

If you still cannot find a roommate, don't worry. You can still select an individual bed for yourself during the Individual Bed Selection Process. During this process, you do not have to fill a room. You can select just an individual bed for yourself, and another student(s) will select the other bed(s) in the room. Keep looking for a roommate to maximize your options so you can participate in the earlier Selection processes, but know that you will still have the Individual Bed Selection process as an option if you need it.


Incoming Student as Roommate

  1. If you would like to request a specific Incoming Student friend as a roommate in the Residence Halls for next year, complete the form below by March 19.
  2. The Incoming Student must be accepted to Biola as a student by May 15.
  3. The Housing Office will roommate-match you with your Incoming Student friend.
  4. You will then choose the room for you and your incoming roommate during the Room Selection Process.


**Remember, this google form is for CONTINUING STUDENTS to fill out ONLY if your desired roommate is an INCOMING STUDENT. Do not fill out this form if you and your roommate(s) are BOTH (ALL) continuing students.

Request an Incoming Student as a Roommate (Login first with your Biola Google account)


Roommate Group Size

Room choices correspond to your roommate group size

During Room Selection , the Housing system will only allow your to finalize selection of rooms large enough to accommodate your ENTIRE roommate group. For example: if you have four people in your roommate group, then Housing Self-Service will only allow you to finalize selection of a four-person suite/apartment.

Change your roommate group size to see what rooms are available for other roommate group sizes OR look at MyHousing's Floor Charts to see which rooms are still available.

Plan ahead of time: We recommend that you and your roommate-matched friends talk over all your options in advance so that you have plans ready to go. Ask yourself questions like: If there are no rooms large enough for our roommate group size, how will we split up our roommate group into smaller roommate groups? Who will room with whom? If our preferred building is not available, which buildings are our second, third, fourth, and fifth choices? Will we wait until the next Selection process and try again with our same roommate group?

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