Christmas & Interterm Housing

CURRENT STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED to complete the Mandatory Housing Plans Application below between Nov 10 - Dec 5, 2016

Click here to complete Mandatory Housing Plans Application

Christmas Break (Dec 17, 2016 - Jan 1, 2017)

  • All Residence Halls closed during the Christmas Break- you are required to live elsewhere (belongings can be left in rooms but you will NOT have access).
  • ONLY Apartment Residents can sign up for Christmas housing on Mandatory Housing Plans Application above by Dec 5.
    • Eligibility:
      • To be eligible for Christmas Housing you must:
        • Be enrolled in Spring classes at Biola AND
        • Live in a Biola Apartment during Fall (Beachcomber, Li, Lido Mirada, La Mirada, Tropicana, Tradewinds, Welch) and intend to continue to live in Biola Housing for Interterm and Spring.
    • Cost:
      • Apartment Christmas Housing will be billed $21.13/day to their student account (or $338 for all 16 days).
    • On-campus dining is closed during Christmas Break (Dec 16-Jan 1).
    • No Open House. No Room Changes.
    • If you signed up for Christmas Housing you do NOT need to return your room key.
    • The Housing Staff will automatically check you into Interterm/Spring Housing- you do not need to check in again.

Interterm Housing (Jan 2 - 22, 2017)

  • All Residents can sign up for Interterm Housing at no additional cost on Mandatory Housing Plans Application above by Dec 5.
  • Only students pre-registered and not cancelling Housing for Spring 2017 are eligible!
  • Must have viable reason to stay for Interterm:
    • Eligibility::
      • Interterm class at Biola
      • Local job
      • Mission trip
      • Study abroad interterm trip
      • Practicing athlete
      • Chorale/Musical
  • Signed-Up Interterm Housing residents can Check-In starting Mon, Jan 2 11AM-8PM at the Housing Office (and continues Tues-Fri 9AM-4:30PM).
    • If you show up but did not sign-up, you will be charged a $50 Late Fine.
    • Meal Plan optional (at additional cost) beginning Tues, Jan 3.
    • The Housing Staff will automatically check you into Spring Housing- you do not need to check in again.
    • No Open House. No Room Changes.

Returning for Spring (Earliest: Jan 23)

  • Check-In Times:
    • Mon-Fri, Jan 23-27: 9AM-4:30PM (in Housing Office)
    • Sat-Sun, Jan 28-29: 1PM-10PM (Residence Hall or Housing Office for Apartment Residents).
    • Deadline: Mon, Jan 30: NOON. If you do not Check-In by this deadline you will be charged one month's rent (unless you email that you will check-in late).
  • No Room Changes until the Official Spring Room Change Period: Feb 8-17.

New Cancellation (After Dec 5)

  • If you determine you need to cancel Housing for Spring 2017 (withdrawing, transferring, or buying out of contract to move off campus) AFTER Dec 5, you MUST contact the Housing Office within 24 hours to schedule a Check-Out Appointment at or (562) 903-6000 ext. 5838.
  • If cancellation takes place during Interterm, you MUST REMOVE ALL BELONGINGS from your room/apartment and return your key within 48 hours of submitting your cancellation request or be fined $25 for Late Check-Out (unless a later check-out appointment is granted by the Housing Manager).
  • Students born after Aug 26, 1996 are required to live on campus (unless commuting from home). If you are one of these students, you are ineligible to live off campus.
  • If buying out of your Housing Contract to move home or off campus (if age-eligible), cancellation charges will apply (25%) of your Spring Housing charges) and the Housing Deposit will be forfeited.

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