If I Leave Biola Still Owing a Balance

Former Students

Students who graduate or leave the University are required to pay in full any outstanding tuition balance prior to their departure. If you are unable to pay your balance in full, you must contact the Collections Specialist at (562) 903-4760 to make payment arrangements. A finance charge of 0.83% will continue to be assessed monthly on the outstanding balance.

Outstanding Balances

As Biola is an educational institution, any balance owing on a student's account is considered to be an extension of credit by the University and is considered an "educational loan" within the meaning of section 523(a)(8) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. If a loan or student account balance becomes in default, Biola may disclose the default, along with other relevant information, to the national credit bureaus and assign the account to a professional collection agency. Should the University be forced to take this action, there may be additional charges for reasonable collection of the balance due. Diplomas and other University services will be withheld and enrollment cannot be permitted until the outstanding balance is paid in full. If payment is made by personal check, an account is considered paid in full when all checks clear the bank.

Delinquent Accounts

Accounts in which full payment or the arranged monthly payment is not received on the specified statement due date of each month are considered to be delinquent.

Payment Plans

If you are unable to pay your balance in full when departing, the University is willing to work with you to establish a reasonable monthly payment plan until the debt is paid in full. The monthly payment amount will be determined based on the balance owed, the monthly finance charge and your financial circumstances. Please contact the Collections Specialist at (562) 903-4760.


As stated in the University Catalog, diplomas may be released when your student account is paid in full and all Biola institutional loan accounts (including Perkins, Nursing, Biola, Hermann, Freeman-Aitken-Somerville, and/or Yates Institutional loans) are current.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my payment?

Payments may be made in the following forms:

  • Preferred Method: Online by electronic check at MyAccount. Go to "Student Financials" or "Alumni" then select Make a Payment.
  • Other Methods: Cash, check (made out to Biola University with ID number and name included on the memo line), cashier's check, money order or traveler's checks (US currency only — made out to Biola University). 

Is my Biola-held loan (Perkins, Nursing, Biola, Hermann, Freeman-Aitken-Somerville, or Yates Institutional Loan) included in my school account balance?
No, you will receive a separate account statement for your Biola loan account from Heartland ECSI, Biola's loan servicing agency. For information regarding one of the above loan types, please visit Heartland ECSI online at heartland.ecsi.net or contact Heartland ECSI at (888) 549-3274 (Biola's school code is RG).

What if an item on my credit report does not agree with my original payment records?
If your original records disagree with an item on your credit report for a tuition account or Biola-held loan, please provide the following required information:

  • Identifying information: Your complete name, account number, account type (tuition or loan), Social Security Number, Biola Student ID, and signature.
  • Credit information: month, year, and description of the time as it appears on your credit report, the name of the credit bureau, your claim as to how the item should have been reported, and supporting documentation to substantiate your claim.

Send to: Biola University, Attn: Student Account Services, 13800 Biola Ave, La Mirada, CA 90639

Who do I contact about a charge that I believe to be incorrect?
If you believe the amount of a charge or the charge itself is an error, please contact the department who initiated the charge. For example, if your question is in regard to a housing charge, please contact the Housing Department. For a list of departments and contact information, please click here.

Can I return to Biola if I have an outstanding balance?
In order for Admissions to process your re-admit application, your balance must be paid in full so that the Accounting hold may be removed.

Will you release my diploma if I am making monthly payments on my account balance?
Biola desires to assist you in establishing a payment plan if you are unable to pay your balance in full. Establishing and abiding by a monthly payment plan allows you to keep your account current and avoid further default. However, as stated in the University Catalog, Biola cannot release your diploma until the balance is paid in full.

Why did I receive a parking fine when I am no longer a student at Biola?
Former students are considered alumni and not visitors on campus. If you are an alumnus and desire to park your vehicle on campus, you must obtain an alumni parking permit from Campus Safety. You will be required to present your alumni card and necessary vehicle information. Please note that alumni returning to campus to take or audit classes may not use an alumni permit, and must obtain a student permit to park on campus. Alumni may park in any unmarked student space.

Since I am an alumnus, do I have to pay the parking fine I received?
If you receive a parking fine, you must pay it or submit a formal appeal to the Campus Safety Office. If your appeal is approved, the charge(s) will be removed. If your appeal is denied, the charges will remain and must be paid.

Why was financial aid removed from my account after I left Biola? I wasn't expecting to owe any money.
The awarding of financial aid is based on enrollment status. If you withdraw from Biola during the first eight weeks of the term, not only will you receive full or partial tuition, housing and meal refunds according to the week the withdrawal takes place, but a percentage of your financial aid will also be reversed according to the number of weeks into the semester the withdrawal occurs. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with specific questions regarding your financial aid.

Former Student Refund Policies

If you are a former student, you do not need to request a refund. Any credit balance remaining on your student account will be refunded automatically once all adjustments have been completed. Please be aware that all refund checks will be made payable to the student named on the student account.

To check the status of a request, please contact Student Account Services at (562) 903-4760 and ask to be connected to the Collections Specialist.

Updating Student Information

The ACCOUNT HOLDER is responsible for notifying the Registrar's Office of an address, telephone number or name change. This is to ensure that we can contact you should the need arise. Click here to download the Personal Info Update Form. You may update your address online by logging on to MyAccount > Personal Information. 

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