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What are TAs? Teaching Assistants (TAs) are student workers who help faculty run their courses. Primarily responsibilities usually include grading papers and holding hours in the math lab for student questions. What are the benefits of being a TA? There are many. TAs gain teaching-related experience such as tutoring and grading. TAs experience the joy of biblical service. TAs obtain review, reinforcement, and clarification of their mathematical skills. TAs earn an hourly wage based on their year and experience. How do I become a TA? Contact Jerrianne Smith for questions regarding interest in becoming a TA. Tell the professor of a class you’re interested in that you’d like to be considered as a TA for it. TA selection for the semester occurs by joint faculty decision before the semester begins.

Math Lab Guidelines

The purpose of this section is to provide TA’s with Math Lab hours a set of guidelines to help with the job. This provides a point of reference for faculty training of TA’s as well as TA reflection on how they can meet faculty expectations, and improve. Let these guidelines provide a framework within which the love of Christ is exercised in the service of fellow students (1 Cor 13:4-7).

Mission: To provide helpful tutoring in an atmosphere of respect and encouragement.

In order to maximize Math Lab operating time, when selecting your hours, please minimize overlap time with other TAs (Eph 5:15-16).

In order to fund as many TAs as possible, when not tutoring students, please use the math lab time to grade papers when possible (Eph 5:15-16).

When tutoring students, let us remind ourselves that God endowed different people with different strengths and weaknesses (1 Cor 12:14-21). Let strive to us help our brothers in sisters in such a way that they are edified (1 Cor 12:23-24) when…

  • answering questions in the lab
  • grading papers
  • conversing with other students near the Math Lab
  • conducting discussion or exam review sessions
  • For details pertaining to timecards and paychecks, please speak to the department secretary.

Getting Involved
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B.S. in Mathematics, Minor in Mathematics
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