Internships: Course Numbers

This page contains internship course numbers and staff contacts by academic department. Students can contact a staff member to inquire about earning academic credit for an internship opportunity they have found. If an internship advisor agrees to assign credit to an internship, the advisor will work with the student to create an internship learning agreement which will outline the deliverables to be submitted by the student. Students must register for the internship course at the time of normal course registration.

Students & employers: Please refer to this page when arranging credit-based internships. The course number (and link, where possible), and department contact information (name and phone) are listed here.
Faculty: Please email us corrections to the below information as needed, at


  1. Art (BFA), ARTS450, 3 cr, x4807,
  2. Christian Ministry, CEED465, 9 cr, x5431,
  3. Cinema & Media Arts, CNMA440, 3 cr, x3608,
  4. Education, student teaching, 12 cr, x5676,
  5. Intercultural Studies, INCS352 or INCS354, 3 cr, x5695,
  6. Journalism & Integrated Media, JOUR440, 3 cr, x4569,
  7. Music in Worship, MUSC453
  8. Nursing, 1000 clinical hrs, x4850,
  9. Public Administration, POSC488, POSC490, 9 cr, x4830,
  10. Sociology, SOCI365, 3 cr, SOCI367, 3 cr, x5698,


  1. Anthropology, ANTH450, 1-3 cr, x5692,
  2. Art (BSA), ARTS450, 3 cr, x4807,
  3. Biblical Studies, BBST490, 1-3 cr,
  4. Biological Sciences, BIOS480, 1 cr, x4891,
  5. Business, BUSN460, 1-3 cr, x4770,
  6. Chemistry, CHEM480, 1-3 cr, x4852,
  7. Communication Studies, COMM440, 1-3 cr, x4804,
  8. Communication Disorders, CODS440, 1-3 cr, x4741
  9. Computer Science
  10. Engineering Physics, x4852, [see Physical Science below]
  11. English, ENGL490, 1-3 cr, x4824,
  12. History, HIST488, 1-6 cr, x4831,
  13. Kinesiology & PE, PEED485, 1-3 cr, x5948,
  14. Mathematics, MATH480, 1-3 cr, x4741,
  15. Music, MUSC450, 1-3 cr, x5954,
  16. Political Science, POSC488, POSC490, 1-9 cr, x4831,
  17. Psychology, PSYC450, 1-6 cr, x5764,
  18. Physical Science, PHSC420, 1-3 cr (up to 6), x4852,
  19. Spanish, HUFS485, 3 cr, x3252,
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