Internship Search Process

Career-related work experience is essential to maximizing your education investment. Begin pursuing resume-enhancing work experience in your first year and continue doing so until graduation. Most employers claim that relevant work experience is the #1 factor in choosing one candidate over another, even more important than GPA and major.

Most employers value off-campus work experience more than on-campus jobs because they believe, accurately or not, that off-campus work experience produces more relevant transferable skills. That said, each person needs to balance the need for securing resume-enhancing experience with the need for earning money to cover expenses. Often this is achieved by pursuing a combination of different work, some off-campus and some on-campus. Our team is available to help you connect with opportunities and organizations that fit your interests!

Search Process

  • Research field(s) of interest
  • Find people in that field and learn about their career journeys and preparations; Biola’s Linkedin university page is the best place to see where alumni are working and their occupations
  • Search job & internship boards, especially Handshake (formerly BiolaLink)
  • Ask your professors for advice, resources, or about opportunities
  • Visit Career Center for more assistance!

Credit-Based Internships

All work can be valuable, but credit-based internships are unique because you achieve learning objectives created by you and a faculty advisor. Follow these steps:

  • Locate an internship which fits your criteria;
  • Contact an academic internship coordinator to discuss whether you can earn credit for the internship you are considering;
  • Complete an Internship Learning Agreement (sample) given to you by the academic department;
  • Register for the internship course number suggested by your faculty advisor; note that credit can’t be awarded retroactively for an internship already completed.

Find Jobs & Internships Off-Campus

Hundreds of employers recruit students and alumni on Handshake, Biola's centralized internship and job board. Create search agents to notify you when a particular type of position is posted. Temporary jobs can be found on Handshake as well as through temp agencies.


Find Jobs On-Campus

How do I get a job at Biola?

On-campus employment is handled by the Biola University Student Employment Office, located in Metzger Hall upper floor.

  1. Determine your class schedule for the semester and the hours you are available to work.
  2. Review the list of jobs available, online at Biola Classifieds.
  3. If you wish, meet with Student Employment Office staff for help in identifying positions that will best match your skills, interests and time frame.
  4. Fill out an application for the jobs that interest you. A link to the standard student-worker application is available at the bottom of every job posting in Classifieds. Not every position uses the standard application, however; be sure to read the job description carefully and follow their instructions.
  5. Deliver your application to the department that is hiring.
  6. If the department is interested, they will contact you for an interview; again, some departments have different processes so you should read the department's information carefully.
  7. If you’re hired at Biola, you must fill these out before you start work:
    1. Student Hiring Authorization Form (signed by your supervisor)
    2. W-4 Federal Government form
    3. An I-9 employment verification form that satisfies federal immigration requirements. All hires are required to complete the form.
    4. When turning in these forms to the Student Employment Office, also bring proof of eligibility to work (Social Security card, valid Driver's License, passport, or visa documentation).
    5. International students (F-1 visa) must bring their I-20, passport, visa, and Social Security card.
    6. Once these form have been completed, the Student Employment Office will issue you a golden slip that you will need to take to your supervisor. This golden slip will be proof that you have finished your hiring paperwork and are ready to start work.

FAQs about On-Campus Student Employment


1×1 Assistance

You’re encouraged to visit with one of our Peer Internship Coordinators if you have questions about finding jobs or internships. Online chat and walk-in hours are available. Peer Internship Coordinators may recommend you visit with a Career Counselor for more in depth assistance based on your situation. You can also call us at 562.903.4875 or submit this form to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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