Roommate Agreement

Why is a Roommate Agreement Important?

A lease generally defines only the legal relationship between the tenants as a whole and their landlord, not the relationship between the individual tenants. For example, your lease might require only that a certain total amount of rent be paid – not how rent is to be divided between you and your roommates. Therefore, it is important to mutually agree on terms of tenancy with each other. Your lease will not govern your behavior towards each other, however, having a signed ROOMMATE CONTRACT will assist you in navigating how to successfully live with one another.

  • What if someone wants to have an overnight guest?
  • What if a roommate leaves suddenly, without paying their rent and utilities?
  • What if damages occur?

A roommate agreement can assist you in forestalling many problems. It can also guide you if a disagreement occurs. Keep in mind that a roommate agreement isn’t binding on your landlord. It only governs the relationship between roommates.

Sample Roommate Agreement

The sample is meant to provide you with guidelines as you and your roommates draft and sign an agreement. You'll want to tailor the agreement to suit your needs and add specific provision to govern any situations that you want to be addressed.

If you choose to use this sample, mark through items that do not apply. All mark outs and changes should be initialed by all of the roommates. Note that this sample does not cover the situation where each roommate has an individual lease. In such a case, be sure to modify the agreement appropriately. Curly brackets {} indicate optional or alternative items. Select only one of the options and remove (or mark out) the other option. Words in italics are instructions and should be removed (or marked out).

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