Roommates 101: The Basics

Who Will Bring What?

  • Make a list of what each of you will bring, from furniture to appliances
  • Decide who will purchase any new/necessary items that neither of you own

When Expectations are Not Met:

    • Stay calm.
    • Schedule a house meeting.
    • List what you want to talk about prior to the meeting.
    • Stay in the present as much as possible. Avoid talking about things that happened a month ago and have already been resolved.
    • Talk to one another and work towards a compromise or agreement.
    • Look at what you can all do differently next time.
    • Don't yell or accuse.
    • Communicate face-to-face or over the phone. Try not to text or leave notes.
    • If you don't confront issues that are bothering you, the fault ultimately lies with you.

    After You Move In...

    • Who will be responsible for calling the landlord if you have problems with the unit? You may want to designate a "house manager" to handle rent payments and landlord communication.
    • How will you make each other aware of the conversations you have with your landlord?
    • Be sure to keep communicating with each other, as roommates, to keep your relationship a positive one!
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