Roommates: Top 10 Tips for Healthy Relationships

10. Have realistic expectations.

No one can be everything we might want him or her to be. Healthy relationships mean accepting people as they are and not trying to change them!

9. It's a process.

Getting to know people takes time... So be patient but also make an effort! Relationships don't develop out of thin air!

8. Communicate...

  • Make time
  • Be an active and genuine listener
  • Ask questions
  • Share information

7. Fight fair.

Say 'sorry' when you're wrong... Don't criticize... Don't make assumptions. Be prepared to compromise and disagree. Don't hold grudges.

6. Be flexible and allow growth and change.

5. Be dependable.

Follow through on your responsibilities and plans. This will build and maintain trust!

4. Show warmth.

Let people know you care!

3. Keep your life balanced.

Don't overload on activities... but still get out and try new things! Meet new people so you aren't depending on only one person...

2. Take care of you.

Relationships are mutual. If you aren't happy it will be reflected in the relationship!

1. Be yourself!

You'll have more fun and find it easier to connect with people if you relax and let your real self shine through!

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