Off-Campus Safety & Security

Safely Living Off-Campus

What You Are Legally Entitled to When Renting:

  • Your landlord must provide deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.
  • If you would like any additional upgrades for security purposes such as an alarm, extra lighting, or bars on the windows, you must first consult with your landlord and generally you will be responsible for the cost of upgrades.

When Searching for a Place to Live, Look for the Following:

  • Ask the current residents and neighbors if they feel like the area is a safe place to live.
  • Are the areas outside the building well lit, particularly from the parking areas to the entrance?
  • Is there an additional security presence at the residence? If so, is it a substantial presence?
  • How far away is emergency assistance if it is needed?
  • Is the door sturdy and are the locks sufficient?
  • Do all the windows have locks and are these locks sufficient?
  • Check sex offender website for your area

To Avoid Being a Victim of Theft or Burglary:

  • Secure your valuables.
  • Make sure you don’t leave valuables outside of your residence.
  • Keep doors locked at all times.
  • Be sure that windows are closed and locked when you leave the home.
  • Invest in additional security such as an alarm or dog. If not, invest in dummy security signs or “Beware of Dog” signs.
  • Don’t leave boxes for high value goods visible in your trash (i.e. computer, electronic equipment)
  • If you or your roommates will not be in the home for an extended period of time, have someone collect your mail and newspapers.
  • Avoid having large groups of strangers in your home.
  • Don’t leave valuables unattended in public places.
  • Stay away from areas with high theft rates.
  • Avoid overly crowded areas where it is easy to be pick-pocketed.

To Avoid Being Robbed:

  • Don’t walk alone at night if you can avoid it.
  • Call Campus Safety for an escort or walk with friends.
  • Avoid isolated locations near high crime areas.
  • Don’t show off valuables such as cell phones or cash unnecessarily.

For a printed copy, including hospital and emergency numbers: Safely Living Off-Campus

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