Paying Online: Payment Error Codes

If you receive an error code when making an online payment, please refer to the following list for more information regarding the error. If you have additional questions, please contact Accounting at or (562) 903-4760.

Error CodeProblemSolution
Error -65Database is being updated for student at the same time the payment is attempted.Re-try transaction after database update has completed – usually just a few seconds.
Error -1727Invalid amount entered.Re-enter the amount and try again. The amount may have been too high or less than zero.
Error -1730Invalid amount entered.Re-enter the amount and try again. Payment amount may not be zero.
Error -1748Electronic check account has been restricted. The combination of routing number and account could not be located by the bank, so use of this combination has been restricted.Cardholder should contact his/her bank to obtain correct routing and account number and resubmit the transaction.
Error -1757Account is locked out.Payment is temporarily locked due to making three failed attempts within 60 seconds with the same card. The account will be locked for ten minutes.
Error -1760Invalid Account number.
  1. Cardholder should double check routing and account number information provided, make changes, and resubmit the transaction.
  2. Cardholder should contact his/her bank to obtain the correct routing and account numbers, and resubmit the transaction.
Error -1764There are insufficient funds in the account to make the payment.Cardholder must lower the debit amount or abandon the payment transaction.
Error -1765Exceeds amount, count or time limit.Resubmit payment using a shorter time frame from start to finish.
Error -1766Amount exceeds withdrawal limit.
Resubmit payment using a smaller dollar amount or choose an alternative method of payment.
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