Printing and Copying on Campus: Set Up Your Windows PC

If you want to print from your personal computer, see the bottom of this page for instructions (Windows).

Windows Lab Printing Instructions

Sending the document

  1. Select the “Biola_Printing on PHAROS.AD.BIOLA.EDU” printer from the printer dialogue window and click “Print.”
  2. Enter your NetID and a description for the document in the window that appears and click “Okay.”
  3. Enter your NetID password in the second window and click “Okay.”

Releasing the document from a Print Release Station

  1. Go to a Pharos Print Release Station or a copier - both can be used to release a print job.
  2. Swipe your BiolaID card or enter your NetID and NetID password to login.
  3. Select the print job you would like to release and click “Print.”
  4. Click the “Logoff” button and pickup your print!

Windows Setup Instructions

Follow these instructions to allow your computer to print using the Pharos system.

Requirements:Windows Vista or Win7 (64bit supported under Vista and Win7 only). Printing using Biola Print & Copy will only work while connected to the Biola network via wired Ethernet or wireless Biola-NetID connection. Biola-GUEST will not work.

  1. Download the following file: Biola Printing Setup
  2. You will receive an “Open File Security Warning” dialog box. Select “Run.” If you do not see this, run the file from the download location.
  3. To install the Biola Print & Copy on your computer, select “Install.”
  4. Biola Print & Copy will take a minute to install. This will not affect any of your other installed printers.
  5. When Biola Print & Copy is done installing, click “Finish” to close the installer program.

You are now set up to print! Go back to top of page for instructions on using Pharos. If you need help installing Biola Print & Copy please contact the IT Helpdesk at extension 4740 or by visiting the IT Helpdesk in Lower Metzger East.

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