Psychology Internships

The Psychology Department offers an opportunity for their majors to gain valuable off (or on) campus, job-related experience in an approved psychological setting or agency while earning university credit (PSYC450 Directed Fieldwork).

PSYC450 Directed Fieldwork (Internship) Program requirements:

  • Must be a junior or senior psychology major.
  • Internship must be pre-approved by Psychology Department.
  • Site must have an individual with an advanced degree (Masters, Doctoral) in psychology or closely related field who will be responsible for you.
  • Can be done for 1-3 units (up to 6 units maximum; up to 3 units max for any one internship site).
  • 45 hours per unit.

Benefits of doing an internship:

  • Opportunity to integrate classroom knowledge with real-world experience.
  • Gain valuable career-related experience.
  • Looks great when applying for grad school
  • Develops relationships with professionals in the field
  • Provides an avenue to obtain professional letters of recommendation
  • Strong networking potential

What do you need to do?

  • Find an internship site (Site Listing / Handshake).
  • Contact the site and complete the PSYC450 Directed Fieldwork Contract.
  • Fill out an Arranged Course form (Registrar's form).


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