Waitlists for Registration

Automated waitlisting lets you add yourself to a waitlist for a class directly on your schedule on My Account and then will automatically email you if a seat becomes available for you.

How to know if an automated waitlist exists/how to add yourself
If there are already students on a waitlist, the Waitlist Actual column in your class search results will display the number of students who are currently on the waitlist.

If the number in this column is zero, it can mean either that a waitlist is not available or that there are not yet any students on the waitlist.

If you try to add a class that is full (usually by directly entering the CRN in the Add Classes worksheet), you will see an error message in the class Status section. The error message will indicate if there is space available on a waitlist. Choose the status "WAITLISTED" from the Action column selection menu, then click the Submit Changes button to save the waitlisted status.

How to know if a seat has opened for you
If a seat becomes available in the class for you, you will receive an email at your Biola email address from "waitlist.notifications@biola.edu" to inform you. The email will include a deadline by which you must add the class. This deadline is 24 hours from the time the seat becomes available.

How to add a waitlisted class after you receive a notification
If you've received an email that says a seat has opened for you, you need to:
1. Log back in to the Add or Drop Classes task on My Account
4. Find the waitlisted class on your worksheet. Change the class status by choosing "Added Online" from the selection menu in the Action section.
5. Click the Submit Changes button.

How to see your waitlisted classes
Your waitlisted classes will not appear in your student schedule, but you can see them in the Add/Drop Classes section on the Enrollment task on your My Account tasks page. You will see a list of any classes for which you have registered or waitlisted yourself, and the Action section will show you the status of those classes.

Common Automated Waitlist Items

Expired waitlist notifications
If you don't add the class by the your waitlist notification deadline, you will be dropped from the waitlist and will need to re-add yourself if you are still interested in the class.

Registration error messages

Registration error messages related to waitlisting can sometimes be challenging. Please see the Registration FAQ page for a list of registration error messages and their meanings.

Restrictions and overrides
Prerequisites, corequisites, restrictions, and reserved seating are all checked before you can add yourself to an automated waitlist. If you need to appeal to override a restriction, please contact the department. If they approve an override, they are often able to add the override online so that you can still add yourself to the automated waitlist online.

Time conflicts
Our registration system will allow you to waitlist yourself for a class that has a time conflict with one of the other classes on your schedule, however, if a seat becomes available for you, you will need to drop the conflicting class before you can add the waitlisted class. If you don't want to drop the conflicting class because your waitlisted class has a very short time conflict with one of your other classes and both professors have agreed to allow the overlap, you will need to provide approval from both professors to the academic department and request an override.

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