Requesting an Incomplete Grade

The purpose of an Incomplete Grade Process is to meet the needs of a student facing unforeseeable emergencies beyond his/her control and are serious enough to prevent completion of course assignments before the semester ends (i.e. extended illness, significant injury, critical family emergency, etc.).

A temporary “grade” of “IN” (Incomplete Grade) will be issued in these special cases when approved by the Associate Provost for Academic Administration (undergraduate students) or Dean of the School (graduate students). IN grades are normally completed no later than five weeks after the end of the term. In the event of the inability of a student to complete the coursework by the approved deadline, the Office of the Registrar will assign the grade which the student has earned by the end of term.

Request forms may be obtained online from the Office of the Associate Provost of Academic Effectiveness and Administration webpage. All Incomplete Grade requests require the permission of the faculty member and the authorization of the Associate Provost for Academic Administration (undergraduate students) or Dean of the School (graduate students).

Notes & Restrictions:

  • Requests for an Incomplete (IN) Grade will be accepted starting the 4th week of the 7-week semester, and the 12th week of the 15-week semester.
  • Incomplete (IN) Grades will not be granted for matters such as excessive employment, over-scheduling, or current poor performance in a course.
  • Students who miss more than 20% of regular class sessions (including “excused” absences) may be required to drop the course and be ineligible for an Incomplete (IN) Grade.
  • The Incomplete (IN) Grade process is available throughout the academic year, including summer session. 
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