Creating a strong, concise resume is very important. A good resume will market your experiences and skills to the employer, and get you noticed for an interview. Tailor each resume specifically for the job you’re applying for by including only your experiences and education relevant to that position.

A few key tips before getting started on your resume:

  • Keep your resume to one page (especially if you have less than 2 years in targeted field)
  • Do not use personal pronouns (e.g., I, you, she, he)
  • Start all phrases with action verbs (e.g., Managed, Developed, Led, Analyzed, etc.)
  • Choose a common font (e.g., Arial, Times Roman) and use a 10 pt, 11 pt, or 12 pt font size with 1″ margins
  • Use a clean and organized layout for quick review by the employer

The 2 main sections of your resume should be “Education” and “Experience”


  • Degree, major, and date awarded or to be awarded
  • Institution, City/State
  • G.P.A. if it is high (major G.P.A. only if substantially higher)
  • Foreign study, if applicable
  • List course work if indicating it will substitute for lack of work experience in targeted position.
  • DO NOT include high school information.


  • Position title, Month Year to Month Year
  • Name of employer, City, State of employer
  • Description of accomplishments and skills used in position. With the exception of your current position, start each phrase with a past-tense action verb. Avoid beginning descriptions with, “I,” “responsible for,” “assisted,” and “duties included.”
  • Include internships, practicum, and volunteer experiences that support your objective.

3 important pieces of information to include:

  • Position title and date range (e.g., Marketing Intern, May-Aug 2013)
  • Name and location of employer (e.g., Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Description of the work you accomplished and the skills used in the position (3-5 bullet points, or more bullets if past/current position is especially relevant to position you’re applying for)

Other Information


  • Name (avoid nicknames)
  • Address (street address, city, state, zip)
  • Telephone (and area code)
  • Email Address


Jane Smith
6585 Lincoln Ave, Unit 43
La Mirada, CA 90638
562.905.8945 |

Specialized Skills

  • Computer skills: hardware, software, programs, Internet
  • Language Skills: specify languages and level of fluency
  • Additional skills that are relevant to the targeted position

Awards and Honors

  • Award title (Do not include need-based scholarships)
  • Purpose awarded for, Date awarded
  • Organization awarded by

Objective is optional, and we suggest omitting it unless you keep it very simple. In other words, you can mention the specific job and organization you are applying (e.g., Customer Service Representative at Apple). But if you write more than that, you risk being disqualified from consideration based on the employer concluding that they may not be able to satisfy your objective.

Sample Resumes

Here are a few…

Business Resume
Computer Science Resume
Film Resume

Many job seekers struggle with remembering job accomplishments. and are excellent sources to consult for this purpose. Type in the name of a position (e.g., Resident Assistant) and borrow terminology and phraseology of how others describe this work on LinkedIn and Indeed.

Review Your Resume

Schedule an appointment with the Career Center to review your resume.

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