Safety & Security

Biola University's security policies and procedures are aimed at safety and welfare. Help maintain safety by following all security policies and by using common sense safety practices. It is the responsibility of each Biola community member to refrain from criminal activities and any other form of behavior that might endanger the safety and welfare of any community member.

Campus Safety

The Department of Campus Safety has the responsibility and authority to administer safety and law enforcement policy for the institution. This function is defined in part as the supervision of all activities that lead to the prevention, apprehension, and investigation of crimes and criminal activity on University property.

Campus Safety enforces a variety of criminal statutes originating from the federal, state, and municipal levels of government, and is also responsible for enforcing several areas of student behavior under the university code of conduct. Campus Safety may impose selected administrative fines in addition to criminal prosecution or academic discipline imposed by the Office of the Dean. Additional information about safety and security policies is available on the Campus Safety website (

The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act Of 1990

Public Law 101-883, the “Student Right-To-Know” and “Campus Crime Act” requires colleges and universities receiving federal funds to make available yearly campus security policies, crime prevention programs, and specific campus crime statistics to current students and employees, as well as to any applicant for enrollment or employment, upon request. This includes making the community aware of crimes committed on campus within a reasonable amount of time. When crimes do occur, the campus community will be notified by one or more of the following methods: Campus Safety Alert Notices posted at all common building entry points, the Chimes, Inside Story, and E-Mail. In addition, all these policies and statistics are available at the Campus Safety Office.

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