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Departments: Department of Math and Computer Science (MCS)
Departments: Graduate & Married Student Housing
Biola University reserves the right to change any and all student charges, modify its services, or change its curriculum or programs of study should economic conditions, curricular revisions or na...
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Departments: Office of the Registrar
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Departments: Student Government Association
Welcome to Biola! We've tried to collect here the answers to the questions most commonly asked by new students.,
The English Guild exists to integrate our shared Christian faith with scholarship of English language and literature through acts of service, the establishment of community,...
Departments: Department of English
Departments: Student Development · Campus Safety
The world of today’s student is one filled with daily activity on the Internet. Communication by way of blogs, Facebook, twitter and email is practically incessant. Almost everything is accomplish...
Departments: Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development
Interviewed by Glen Kinoshita Across the country today, the ministry of Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil is touching lives and challenging Christian institutions significantly. An ordained minister and pa...
Departments: Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development
Some time ago, a few of us in our department had a lively discussion about diversity in Christian Higher Education and the state of our institution. We were an ethnically diverse group having this...
Departments: Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development
Interviewed by Glen Kinoshita, Director, MultiEthnic Programs. Dr. Will Kratt has served as a student affairs professional at a leading university for twelve years until recently accepting his cal...
Departments: Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development
Interviewed by Glen Kinoshita, Director, MultiEthnic Programs. The world of Christian Higher Education is often a picture of many worlds coming together. Within the student body, though they...
Departments: Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development
An Interview with Doug Schaupp, Co-Author of Being White: Finding our Place in a Multi-Ethnic World . Interviewed by Glen Kinoshita, Director, MultiEthnic Programs. In any given Student Affai...
Departments: Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development
Being White: Finding Our Place in a Multiethnic World , by Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp. Intervarsity Press (September 2006). Paperback: 192 pages. ISBN-10: 0830832475; ISBN-13: 978-0830832477. R...
Departments: Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development
Bringing It Home: The Role of Diversity in the Local Church A popular speaker on the Biola campus as well as across the country, Bryan Loritts continues to challenge people of all walks of life...
Departments: Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development
Categories: Communities
Departments: Commuter Life
The majority of computer science major students will fulfill their writing competency requirement by taking ENGL 313 (Writing in the Disciplines) during their junior year. This became the requirem...
Departments: Department of Math and Computer Science (MCS)
National Science Foundation REU Programs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates Programs): Each summer, National Science Foundation (NSF) provides a variety of research opportunities for u...
Departments: Department of Math and Computer Science (MCS)
Computer Science employment trends: Computer Science related jobs are among the best paid and highest satisfaction jobs of the projected high growth jobs. Among the list of best jobs in America 20...
Departments: Department of Math and Computer Science (MCS)
Appeals Process When the sanctioned student disputes the outcome of a disciplinary procedure, that student (hereafter called the Appellant) may request, through the Dean of Students, that an Appea...
Categories: Student Care & Wellness · Handbooks and University Policies
Departments: Student Development

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