Service Animals on Campus: How to Apply

Support Animals/Therapy Pets

Support Animals may be permitted on the Biola University campus on a case-by-case basis. Before bringing a support animal onto campus grounds, the requesting individual must submit appropriate documentation. Requests to have a support animal on campus will be evaluated by the appropriate office.

Procedures for requesting permission for a support animal:

1. To make a request, contact the appropriate office: Students and regular visitors contact The Learning Center. Staff and faculty contact Human Resources. Documentation required must include:

a. A letter with the student's explanation of the need for the animal, the type of animal, a description of the animal and the animal’s name, the date when medical diagnosis prescribed such an animal, the date when the animal was acquired and the areas of campus where the support animal is needed.
b. Medical documentation that meets the Biola University documentation guidelines as maintained by The Learning Center - specifically, the section of the guidelines that lists the key elements of documentation. Copies of these guidelines are available on The Learning Center website and office. It is strongly advised that a copy of these guidelines be given to the treating clinician. Insufficient documentation that does not meet university requirements may result in delays or denial. Documentation must also include the clinician’s professional opinion regarding the need for a support animal as a reasonable accommodation for the specific disability of the requesting person.
c. If applicable, requesting individuals should explain in their letter why the support animal is needed in non-residence campus facilities or on the campus grounds at large.
d. Evidence of animal’s suitability as a support/therapy animal.
e. Completion of Support/Therapy Animal Registration form. Includes the type of animal, a description of the animal (e.g. weight, breed, etc.) and the animal’s name.
Housing: Requests for support animals in University Housing will be processed per Section III.C. of this document. Permission to have a support animal in University Housing does not mean permission to have the support animal in other campus facilities or on campus grounds at large.

2. The Learning Center will notify the requesting individual in writing of the decision within ten business days of the date all required documentation is received. If the request to have a support animal on-campus is approved, the student is expected to abide by all sections of the Biola University Service Animal Policy.

Service Animals in University Housing.

Service animals may not reside in University Housing without prior written approval as described in this section.

Procedures for Approval of Service Animals in University Housing:

1. Incoming residents must submit requests to have service animals in University Housing with their initial housing application. Existing residents must submit requests at least six weeks prior to the date the animal is expected to be in residence.

  • To make a request, contact the appropriate office:
    • Students and regular visitors: contact The Learning Center.
    • Staff and faculty: contact Human Resources.
  • The documentation required must include completion of Service Animal Registration form. Includes list of tasks or functions the animal has been trained to perform as a disability-related accommodation, the type of animal, a description of the animal (e.g. weight, breed, etc.) and the animal’s name.

2. The following departments will be privy to your request: The Learning Center, Residence Life & Housing, and Auxiliary Services. The requesting individual will be notified in writing of the decision by The Learning Center within ten business days of the date the request and receipt of all required documentation.

3. If the request is approved, the requesting individual must:

  • Follow all sections of this Biola University Service Animal Policy
  • Register the animal with The Learning Center before move-in is allowed.
  • Sign and submit to University Housing the Guidelines for Maintaining a Service or Support Animal in University Housing. Form available through The Learning Center and Housing offices.

The full policy regarding Service Animals on campus is here.

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