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Reserve your room(s)

  1. You do not need your experiment approved before reserving your room(s)..
  2. Complete the Room Reservation Form.
  3. Please take into account that usually it takes 2 WEEKS to reserve your rooms.

Get your experiment approved

  1. Submit your research proposal to your professor for approval.
  2. Obtain a PHRRC proposal code for your study.

Request Researcher Status

  1. Email for Researcher Status include your PHRRC code and allow 2 days for processing.
  2. Once your request has been processed, Sona will send you an email with your Researcher User ID and Password information.
  3. Use your Researcher User ID and Password to log on to Sona and add your study.

Add your study to Sona Systems

To create a new study:

  1. Click on the link in the email for the Sona login page
  2. Log on to Sona Systems as a Researcher — email — and use your Researcher password.
  3. Click, "Add New Study"
  4. Select, "Study"
  5. Make sure "Credit" is selected
  6. Leave the rest unmarked
  7. Click, "Continue"

Study Name:

Keep it very vague — just a few words and not your full title. You don't want to give anything away about the purpose of your study. Example: Memory and Exercise, Performance and Humor, etc.

Brief Abstract:

Leave blank

Detailed Description:

Students will see this description, be specific.




Note: A 15 minute experiment is worth 0.5 credits, 30 minutes worth 1 credit, and so on. MAKE SURE YOU LIST THE CORRECT CREDIT. IMPORTANT because PSYC 200: Intro to PSYC students may NOT sign up for your experiment if it is less than 30 minutes — you will need to set a pre-screen restriction, instructions to follow.


Your name

Principal Investigator:

Your professor's name

PHRRC Approval Code:

Enter PHRRC number provided by your professor.

Active Study:

  1. Check, "Yes"
  2. Click, "Add This Study"

Note: You do not need to fill out Advanced Settings.

Change Prescreen Restrictions:

On Study Information page — following page — Click, "View/Modify Restrictions." Note: The answer you select is the answer that the participant must have chosen in order to view the study.

  1. (Gender) Sex — for instance, if your study is for men only, click M on next page
  2. (Are you currently) enrolled in Dr. Grace's Intro to Psyc course? For experiments that are less than 30 minutes, you must select NO. For experiments that are 30 minutes or more leave blank.
  3. (Are you 18 years) of age or older — ALWAYS click YES to, "ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO PARTICIPATE"
  4. Click, "Set Restrictions."

Set Restrictions:

  1. Enter your answers using guidelines above.
  2. Click, "Save Changes."

Set Time Slots:

There is a limit to how many participants you may recruit each semester. 100 participants in the Fall and 50 participants in the Spring.

  1. Click, "My Studies" on the top toolbar.
  2. Click, "Study Info" in box.
  3. Click, "View/Administer Time Slots" — scroll to bottom of the prior "Study Information" page and follow step-by-step instructions.
  4. Do NOT Move Timeslots to Business Hours.
  5. Time slots must end by the Friday before finals week each semester so credit can be issued for faculty review.

Obtain Approval for Study:

  1. Click, "My Studies" on the top toolbar.
  2. Click, "Study Info."
  3. Scroll down the page to "Study Status."
  4. Click, "Send a Request" to obtain approval for your study and to allow the students to view your experiment. Approval will take approximately 2 working days.

Final notes:

In the My Studies area, you can manage each experiment:

  • To view study info, click on any of your experiments to show the details.
  • To issue credits & penalties for no-shows, click, "View Your Uncredited Time slots."

Change status of experiment to INACTIVE upon completion

Go to My Studies, Change Study Info, change to Inactive.

How to Link Qualtrics to Sona

Download Instructions on How to Link Qualtrics to Sona.

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