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General Information

How do I use the Student Care webpage?
What is Student Care?
Who is responsible for Student Care?
What if my concern is an emergency?
Is there a suicide hotline?
Is BCC appropriately staffed?

How do I use the Student Care webpage?

The Student Care webpage is designed to provide you with immediate resources to assist troubled students and/or provide a student with assistance in solving a problem he or she is facing. This list is arranged in order of decreasing intensity: In a Crisis, Warning Signs, Assistance and Intervention, Resources Centers, and Information & Sources.

In a Crisis: If your personal safety, or that of another student are at issue, please contact Campus Safety at ext. 5111.

Warning Signs: Although there is no sure way to know if a person may be distressed, turn violent or be in need of assistance, this information may help you assist a student.

Assistance & Intervention: If the situation is less urgent but you wish to consult with others about what to do, this section provides information about the Biola Counseling Center, Biola Health Center, Spiritual Development, and others.

Resource Centers: If your concern relates to gathering Resources and Information please click here to learn of the many support resources available. Some examples of these resources include the Advising Center, the Learning Center, the Center for Career Development, Residence Life, and other areas of campus that may assist you in solving or addressing the concern or problem.

Information & Sources: Aimed primarily at students, this section contains articles, links, and other online resources to inform, encourage, and guide students into spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

What is Student Care?

Student Care is a collaborative program which ensures all members of the Biola community are able to connect students to available counseling, medical or personal assistance, and to provide resources to keep students in spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Within this website there are links and information related to the Biola Counseling Center, Health Center, the Student Care Team, and Student Development, to name a few.

What department oversees Student Care?

The Student Care process is overseen by the Dean of Students Office and it is a collaborative effort between many departments and offices across the university. The goal of Student Care is to ensure that faculty, staff, students and families have the resources available to them when a student requires extra assistance due to injury, illness, behavioral choices, or other concerns.

What if my concern is an emergency?

If the concern rises to an emergency level and you need to speak to someone immediately, call (562) 777-4000 (or ext. 5111 from campus phones) for Campus Safety Emergency.

If you wish to speak to the RD-on-Call please contact the University Operator at extension "0" (zero) and ask for the RD-on-Call. The RD-on-Call will return your call within 10 minutes.

If you cannot wait that long, please call Campus Safety Emergency.

Does a suicide (or other) hotline exist on campus?

Though there is no suicide hotline, Campus Safety is trained to respond and can be reached 24/7 at (562) 777-4000 (or ext. 5111 from campus phones) for assistance. Additionally, the Biola Counseling Center ((562) 903-4800, or ext. 4800) is available 24/7 and can respond to emergencies in conjunction with the Student Care Team. The RD-on-Call is available all night after hours and every weekend/holiday to respond to suicidal ideation, etc. The Resident Assistants and other student leaders also play a vital role in helping connect a suicidal student to an immediate resource.

Is BCC staffed appropriately for Biola’s population?

BCC is under the auspices of the Rosemead School of Psychology, the premier Christian school of psychology in the nation, and is well staffed by teaching and clinical professionals.

Additional Info for Faculty

What should I do to assist a troubled student?

As a faculty member, you are most accustomed to teaching students, conducting research and providing answers to myriad questions in your field of expertise or other areas. Sometimes it is very difficult to know how to help a troubled student.

Student Care is here to help you navigate the offices and departments that work to reach students. The assistance you are seeking may be as basic as a phone number for tutoring or as complex as counseling services for a student. Please see the links on this site to access information as needed.

If your personal safety or that of a student is at issue, call Campus Safety at (562) 777-4000 (or ext. 5111 from campus phones). They will respond and make the appropriate additional contacts.

In a non-emergency but still urgent situation, please contact the Dean of Students' office at ext. 5842; after hours, you may contact the RD-on-call via the University Operator ((562) 903-6000 or ext. 0). The RD-on-call will return your call within 10 minutes.

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