A Guide to Student Care and Wellness

The values of Biola University have been clearly defined as Truth, Transformation & Testimony. But for many students, that transformation is hindered by serious emotional and psychological issues that affect not only growth but even daily functioning.

Sometimes we as Christians are afraid to admit we have "issues." Or else we believe that admitting the problem is enough. But "truth" does not automatically lead to "transformation." There are more steps involved, but it is not a journey you need to walk alone.

Biola has a Student Care Team which, in collaboration with the Health Center, the Biola Counseling Center (BCC), and other Biola departments, provides a holistic approach in response to these significant student issues.

In an Crisis:

If you're concerned about the immediate safety of a student, contact the Campus Safety emergency line at 562-777-4000 or use a campus phone to dial extension 5111.

Warning Signs:

Although there is no sure way to know if a person may be distressed, turn violent or be in need of assistance, this information may help you assist a student.

Assistance & Intervention:

If the situation is less urgent but you wish to consult with others about what to do, use this link to be connected to resources including: Biola Counseling Center, Biola Health Center, Spiritual Development, and others.

Resource Centers:

A list of campus resources to connect you to a variety of experts, including: the Advising Center, the Learning Center, The Center for Career Development, and other areas of campus that may assist you in solving or addressing the concern or problem.

Additional Community Resources

Biola's surrounding community also offers excellent resources that can be a source of help and support as you deal with your particular area of struggle.

Information & Wisdom:

Aimed primarily at students, this section contains articles, links, and other online resources to inform, encourage, and guide students into spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Foundations of Student Care at Biola

• Every student issue begins with a conversation.
• We value the unique story and background of each student.
• We actively move through process in a timely, professional manner.
• We take a team approach to decision making.
• We seek to respond, not react.
• Our goal is to develop students in a positive way vs. simply assigning sanctions.
• We believe every student issue is an opportunity to build relationship and influence in a positive direction.

Student Care & Wellness
Student Care
Student Care
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March 21, 2017
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