Student Teaching Handbook


Download the 2019 Student Teaching Handbook (docx)

Included forms:

Student Teaching Postponement Withdrawal
Student Teacher Acknowledgement and Contractual Agreement
Student Information Sheet
Long Range Planning Sheet
Overseas Student Teaching Cost Verification Form
Lesson Plan Template
Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form

Overseas Student Teaching

Students have the opportunity to student teach overseas in a variety of countries in accredited K–12 international and private schools. An overseas assignment can count as one of the two student teaching placements. The other must be completed at a California public school. Below is the two-part process to apply to student teach overseas:

  • Phase I: Initial Interest
    1. Complete the Overseas Student Teaching Interest Form one year before student teaching.
    2. Schedule an appointment with the Director of Elementary Education by calling the School of Education front desk (562) 903-4843.
  • Phase II: Application
    1. If permission is granted to apply, complete CCTECC application (sent by email).
    2. Submit application along with two letters of recommendation to the Field Placement Coordinator.
    3. Schedule an interview with the Director of Elementary Education.

Fieldwork Placements

Each student’s fieldwork placements are determined by the Field Placement Coordinator. Students can request a specific school/teacher for the following semester's placement. In order to make this request, the Fieldwork Placement Request Appeal must be filled out and returned to the Field Placement Coordinator before the last day of class in the previous semester. A submission of this form does not guarantee a student’s request will be fulfilled. The decision to grant the request will be determined by the Director of Secondary or Directory of Elementary Education. Students will be notified by email whether or not their request was approved. If approved, the requested placement must meet the following criteria:

  • Cannot be in a school where a family member teaches or works
  • Must be with a fully credentialed teacher who has EL Authorization and at least three years of experience
  • Cannot be a previous placement
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