Advertising, Distributing, Selling on Campus

Revised January 2016

Student Development will not allow the advertisement, distribution or solicitation of any materials that are contrary, in appearance or content, to the Doctrinal Statement and Standards of the University and/or the Displays & Posting on Campus policy. The decision of the Dean of Students, or his/her designee, on these issues will be final.

Commercial Ventures

All commercial ventures must receive approval to advertise or sell their products on campus. To ensure the safety and privacy of all students, solicitors for commercial ventures (including students) are not permitted to advertise or market any product on campus without prior approval from the Director of the Bookstore, which controls all commercial sales on campus.

All commercial ventures may advertise in the Chimes, on Biola radio and/or in the Biolan, at the discretion of those organizations.

Solicitors are not allowed into residential facilities, including apartment complexes.

The distribution of literature on motor vehicles parked on Biola property is prohibited.

In addition, the following agencies, organizations, or persons will not be allowed to advertise or solicit on the Biola campus through any means:

• day care services,
• credit card companies (except for those offered by banks during Opening Week),
• political groups or organizations not sponsored by a Biola department or recognized Biola student group or club,
• religious or other groups not in accord with the mission, purpose, and doctrinal statement of the University.
• housing/rental opportunities: Due to potential liability risks, Biola does not allow any direct soliciting of off-campus housing by homeowners, landlords, managers, etc. Rental opportunities may be registered with the Off Campus Housing Services website.

Advertising, Distributing, and Selling On Campus (for students)

Advertising or selling tickets for non-Biola sponsored events are not allowed without approval from the Office of Student Development.

All posted advertising related to sales or events is subject to this handbook’s Displays and Posting policy. All in-person distribution and selling constitutes a university event and is subject to the University Events Scheduling Policy in the Activity and Travel Planning section of this handbook.

Items sold as part of fundraising for Biola departments or registered student clubs or organizations are allowed as long as university protocols are followed (see “Fundraising Projects”). However, food sales as fundraisers are limited. Health department regulations require that food sales either be pre-packaged or sold by a registered, approved food vendor.

Students may not operate multi-level marketing/businesses, sell merchandise or solicit subscriptions/services (e.g,. MaryKay, Avon, Pampered Chef, etc.) anywhere on university property.

Policy for Student Use of Biola Branding

Individual students, or groups of students not recognized as official clubs or organizations by SGA or Student Development, may not use Biola's name, address, logos, signatures, athletic logos, seal, any other university marks, letterhead or business cards.

Groups of students recognized as official clubs or organizations by SGA or Student Development may create their own letterhead, business cards and other identifying materials using the words "Biola University" and their own logo.

These groups may may use Biola's corporate letterhead when representing Biola in an official capacity, with prior permission and approval of the content of this communication from the SGA advisor in Student Development, and then from University Communications and Marketing.

In all cases, the nature of the group must be apparent in the content and/or design of identifying materials.

Political Advertising

Political advertising must conform to the policies in this Handbook. For additional guidelines on political/partisan soliciting and posting, please see the Political Activity policy.

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