Chapel Attendance and Accountability

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"Chapels bring together the entire Biola undergraduate community for a directed time of worship and instruction, focused on developing mature disciples of Jesus Christ." (Mission Statement)

The overall Chapel program brings a unique distinction to the ethos of Biola as a Christian university. Due to the central and significant nature of that ethos, attendance is required for chapel and conference sessions, which form a part of your required academic classes. It is the University's intent that chapels be a key component of your overall education experience.

When and where are the chapels held?

Biola offers 9-10 chapel opportunities per week for credit. Each chapel differs in style and content to best meet the spiritual developmental needs of undergraduate students.  Complete descriptions of each chapels may be found at the Chapel website.

  • Sunday "Singspiration” at 8 p.m., Chase Gymnasium
  • Monday Chapels at 9:30 a.m., Sutherland Auditorium
  • Tuesday Talbot Chapels at 9:30 a.m., Calvary Chapel 
  • Tuesday “Fives” Prayer at 5 p.m., Calvary Chapel
  • Wednesday Chapels at 9:30 a.m., Sutherland Auditorium
  • Wednesday “AfterDark” Chapels at 9:10 p.m., Sutherland Auditorium
  • Thursday “FIves” at 5 p.m., Calvary Chapel
  • Friday “Biola Hour” Chapels at 9:30 a.m., Sutherland Auditorium
  • Department Chapels: Offered at various times throughout the semester, academic faculty offer chapel services to engage students more deeply with God and their area of study.

For a full schedule of the semester’s chapel opportunities, go to

Chapel Attendance/Accountability Policy

Is chapel attendance mandatory?
Yes, for all full- and part-time, resident or commuter undergraduate students.

How many chapels must I attend?

  • Full Time Student (12+ units):
    • 20 Spiritual Development Chapels + 5 Conference sessions per semester during each of the 3-day Torrey and Missions Conferences.
  • Part Time (7-11 units):
    • 15 Spiritual Development Chapels + 3 Conference sessions per semester during each of the 3-day Torrey and Missions Conferences.
  • 6 units or less:
    • Encouraged, but not required, to attend.

Are there considerations to the minimum chapel requirements?

  • Students enrolled in less than 7 units are encouraged, but not required, to attend chapel.
  • Students in their final graduating semester are encouraged, but not required, to attend chapel.
  • Students with extreme circumstances should be connected to the Learning Center to receive academic accommodations for classes.  Please contact the Learning Center to ensure you are getting the support you need to complete the semester at Biola.
  • Students who are parents with dependents or a non-traditional undergraduate student, please contact us at to know your options for your Spiritual Development requirement.

How is my attendance recorded?

Records are generated from bar code readers activated by your ID card.  Chapel scanning begins 15 minutes before each chapel begins; chapel scanning ends 5 minutes after each chapel begins.

What if I lose my ID card?

You can ask the chapel scanners for red chapel report form. Complete the form (student name & ID number, date, chapel speaker) and turn it in within 24 hours of the chapel to receive credit.

What if my card is not being read properly?

Bring your ID card to the Chapel Accountability Coordinator for evaluation and recommendation.

What are the consequences for not meeting the Chapel requirement?

Students falling short of the 20 Spiritual Development/chapel credits and 5 conference session credits will receive a fine of $375 automatically charged to their account. Note: Student loans or grants usually do not cover the $375 chapel requirement fine. The $375 fee may be charged to a student only once per semester.

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