Modesty Standard


Biola University seeks to maintain a vital Christian community and witness through its appearance, in particular our standards of dress. As members of a community pursuing authentic relationships in order to provide a place of growth in our knowledge and love of Christ, we have the calling to avoid being a hindrance to one another's growth in all areas of life. As representatives of this community even while outside the Biola campus, we have the desire to present a holistic witness that includes modesty.

With a dress standard, our specific interest is to create an environment that promotes a Christ-centered community and a Christian witness to the world on the Biola campus. As adults we recognize there is freedom for personal choice; however our commitment to this community should reflect our pursuit of modesty in dress—that is, dressing in such a way not to draw another's attention.

Students should be aware that the standards of modest dress are applicable to both men and women.

Inappropriate Attire

Regardless of intent the following items may be perceived as sexually provocative and therefore inappropriate on campus:

* short shorts,

* halter tops,

* short or tight dresses and skirts, including mini-skirts,

* tight, strapless, backless, or low-cut shirts,

* visible undergarments.

Shirts must be worn at all times, with the exception of pool areas, areas designated for sunbathing, and during sports activities. Sunbathing is only appropriate at the swimming pool and Alpha Chi sun deck and Biola-owned apartments. T-shirts and cover-ups should be worn to and from these places. These standards will be enforced by all members of the community.

As brothers and sisters in Christ, it is our responsibility to hold one another accountable to the aforementioned standards of dress in a manner of genuine love and concern. We acknowledge modesty runs deeper than a dress standard, and begins with remaining pure in mind and heart regardless of the way another is dressed.

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